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Music (M.A.)

The Master of Arts degree is designed for students who wish to pursue an academic career in music through a broad liberal arts curriculum.

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. In addition, applicants in music must:

  1. apply to the Graduate School as a Music Major;
  2. possess an undergraduate degree in the same field for which he or she wishes to pursue graduate study, or its equivalent in course work, private study, or experience;
  3. complete a pre-admission interview. Interview requirements are available from the Department of Music.

All students admitted to Master's degrees are required to pass departmental placement examinations in theory and history. 

The MA in Music is offered under Plan A: Twenty-four credits in course work, plus an eight-credit thesis.

Prerequisite: Prospective students should present a minimum of forty-five acceptable undergraduate credits in music distributed according to the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music or its equivalent in course work, study, and experience. All students applying to the MA must complete a pre-admission interview.

Candidacy must be established by the time twelve credits have been earned toward the master's degree. Applicants become degree candidates only upon recommendation of the Departmental Graduate Officer and submission of an approved Plan of Work. Before a student can be admitted to candidacy in the MA curriculum, satisfactory completion of a reading examination in a foreign language (preferably German or French) is required.

Oral Examination: An oral examination is required of all students in the MA program.

Academic Scholarship: The University requires that each student achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.0, in order to be eligible for a graduate degree. All courses in the student's major must be completed with a grade of ‘B-minus’ or higher to be counted towards program credit. Grades below 'B-minus' are unsatisfactory and constitute valid cause for dismissing a student from a graduate program. The Department of Music permits a student to accumulate a maximum of six credits of 'B-minus' grades (in courses other than the area of concentration) as long as they are offset by higher grades so that a 3.0 grade point average is maintained at all times. Additionally, credits of B-minus and below in excess of six credits may result in dismissal from the program, regardless of whether the courses are included in the student's Plan of Work. All course work must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School and the College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts.

MUH 5300Music Research3
MUH 73XX: 6-9 credits chosen in consultation with the program advisor 16-9
MUT 7XXX: 6-9 credits chosen in consultation with the program advisor 16-9
MUH 8999Master's Thesis Direction8
Music electives or cognates6
Oral Examination0
Total Credits32
1. All electives must be approved by the Program Advisor and Department Graduate Officer and listed on the Plan of Work. MUH 7370 and MUH 7991 are not approved for History Electives. MUT 7100 is not approved for Theory Electives.
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