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Arts Administration (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Arts Administration program offers a broad arts administration education as well as focus within specific areas of practice. The program fosters leadership and management skills, explores processes of innovation and creativity, examines networks and sources of support, while drawing on sound business and administrative training.  The program also makes use of local dynamic arts institutions and the smaller entrepreneurial arts and cultural organizations.
Students will receive the background to lead arts and cultural organizations such as theaters, galleries, museums, arts and culture festivals, arts centers, arts councils, local and regional arts boards, dance companies, community arts and cultural organizations, and musical ensembles including symphonies, orchestras, jazz and choral groups. 

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School.

Program Requirements

The program requires a minimum total of 30 credits. The curriculum may be fulfilled with a minimum of 28 credits of coursework and 2 credits of Master’s Essay Direction or an approved Directed Study.

Required Core Courses10
Introduction to Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations
Public Relations and the Arts
Development II: Advanced Topics
Master's Essay Direction
Directed Study
General Electives (select 2 of the following)6
Entrepreneurship in the Arts
Leadership in the Arts
Internships in Theatre Management
Departmental Electives14
Museum Practicum
Art Gallery Management
Art Gallery Internship
Museum Culture: Histories, Critiques, Practices
Entrepreneurship in the Arts
Strategy and Organization in Music
Marketing the Theatre
Board Governance in the Theatre
Leadership in the Arts
Human Resources and Financial Management for the Arts
Market Data and Decisions in the Arts
Development I: Principles of Fundraising for Not-for-Profit Arts Organizations
The Media and the Theatre
Managing Groups and Teams
Internships in Theatre Management
Total Credits30
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