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AGRADE - Accelerated Graduate Enrollment

The Mike Ilitch School of Business has established an accelerated combined undergraduate and graduate program ('AGRADE') whereby qualified students in the Mike Ilitch School of Business may enroll simultaneously in undergraduate and graduate courses of the School. A maximum of twelve credits may be applied towards both undergraduate and graduate degrees in a student's major field if the major department is an AGRADE participant. Those who elect the 'AGRADE' program may expect to complete the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in five years of full-time study.

AGRADE accelerated graduate program option

Save money and time toward your graduate business degree with the Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) program.

Highly qualified Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business students are eligible to participate in the AGRADE program. AGRADE students can cut substantial time and as much as one-third off the total cost of a WSU graduate business degree program by applying up to 12 credits toward both their undergraduate and select graduate degrees.

AGRADE benefits

AGRADE requirements

  • Undergraduate major in accounting, finance, global supply chain management, information systems management, management or marketing
  • Junior or senior standing (~90 credits earned)
  • Overall GPA of 3.5 or higher at WSU
  • Major GPA of 3.6 or higher at WSU
  • Meet with undergraduate and graduate advisors to discuss program requirements
  • Complete the Dual Credit Enrollment Form
  • Courses apply to M.B.A., M.S.A., master of science in finance or executive master of science in automotive supply chain management degrees only

Transfer of courses

Only those AGRADE-approved courses in which the student has earned a B or higher will transfer to the graduate transcript. Once in the master's program, students may be required to repeat an AGRADE course in which they earn less than a B grade.  AGRADE courses will not be transferred to the student's graduate transcript until one semester of graduate course work has been successfully completed.

Approved AGRADE courses

For students approved to participate in the AGRADE program, four of the following courses from any one of the program areas listed below may be counted toward both their bachelor's degree and M.B.A. All courses are three credits.

Take no more than four courses or 12 credits from any one of the following program areas.

ACC 7120Introduction to Taxation: Individuals3
ACC 7122Advanced Accounting I3
ACC 7130Intermediate Managerial Accounting3
ACC 7145Accounting Systems: Design and Controls3
ACC 7148ERP Systems and Business Integration3
ACC 7165Internal Audit I3
ACC 7180Auditing3
ACC 7188Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting3
ACC 7320Introduction to Taxation: Business Entities3
FIN 7000Applied Financial Analysis3
FIN 7220Advanced Managerial Finance3
FIN 7230Investment Policies3
FIN 7280Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital3
FIN 7870International Finance3
FIN 7990Portfolio Management/Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF)3
Global Supply Chain Management
GSC 7620Global Supply Chain Management3
GSC 7650Strategic Procurement3
GSC 7670Special Topics in Supply Chain Management3
GSC 7680Manufacturing Planning and Control3
GSC 7920Supply Chain Process Analysis and Costing3
GSC 7991Principles of Quality Management3
Information Systems Management3
ISM 7505Information Analytics: Inbound Information Technology3
ISM 7510Database Management3
ISM 7520Information Systems Design3
ISM 7530Societal and Ethical Issues in the Information Age3
ISM 7560Survey of E-Commerce3
ISM 7570Advanced Business Analytics3
ISM 7575Corporate Computer Networks and IT Security3
ISM 7900Project Management3
ISM 7994Digital Content Development3
MGT 7620Complex Organizations3
MGT 7640Management of Human Resources3
MGT 7650Strategic Human Resource Management3
MGT 7660Entrepreneurial Management3
MGT 7730People Analytics3
MGT 7750Managing Employee Relations3
MGT 7900Project Management3
MKT 7150Global Automotive Marketing Strategy3
MKT 7430Advertising Management3
MKT 7450Business Research and Methodology3
MKT 7470Consumer and Industrial Buying Behavior3
MKT 7500International Marketing Strategy3
MKT 7700Management of Retail Enterprises3


'AGRADE' applicants must have an overall g.p.a. of 3.5 through their junior year. Applicants are also expected to have performed at a superior level in their major, as determined by the major department and reflected in a g.p.a. in the major of at least 3.6 at the time of application.  Students approved for AGRADE cannot complete Senior Rule.


A student seeking 'AGRADE' status should present to the Mike Ilitch School of Business Graduate Programs Office all of the materials which that department requires for normal graduate admission, EXCEPT for the GMAT or Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Specific graduate admission requirements can be found in this bulletin or obtained from the Graduate Programs Office of the Mike Ilitch School of Business at 313-577-4511.

The earliest date by which a student may apply for the 'AGRADE' program is during the semester in which he/she completes ninety credits toward the undergraduate degree.  AGRADE application deadlines are the same as graduate admissions deadlines as posted on the Mike Ilitch School of Business Admissions Web Page.

AGRADE Credits

Students may elect a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve 'AGRADE' credits. These will be used to complete the baccalaureate degree as well as to serve as the beginning of graduate study. Upon formal admission to a master's program, 'AGRADE' credits are transferred as if they were graduate credits transferred from a graduate program at another university.  The remaining graduate credits required for the master's degree will be earned in the conventional manner following formal admission to the graduate program.

For more details about the 'AGRADE' program, contact the Frederick Hessler Student Success Center by calling 313-577-4505, or contact the Graduate Programs Office at 313-577-4511 or email

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