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Medicine Three-Year Program (M.D.)

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Office of Admissions
Mazurek Education Commons
320 E Canfield, Suite 322
Detroit, MI 48201
Telephone (313) 577-1466

The Three-Year MD (3YMD) program at the Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM) offers a limited number of students the opportunity to complete their medical degree in three years. Students accepted into the 3YMD program receive conditional acceptance into a WSUSOM sponsored or administered residency upon graduation from the 3YMD program. Students enrolled in the 3YMD program will complete all of the requirements for graduation from medical school as set forth by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and will receive extensive mentorship from their chosen residency program while in the 3YMD program.

Three-Year M.D. Curriculum

Segment 1 - Phase 1, Part 1 - Pre-Clerkship

Courses include:
MD1 5001Human Body Foundations I10
MD1 5002Human Body Foundations II10
MD1 5003Human Body Foundations III10
MD1 5101Clinical Skills 1A1
MD1 5102Clinical Skills 1B1
MD1 5103Clinical Skills 1C1
MD1 5201Population, Patient, Physician and Professionalism (P4) 1A1
MD1 5202Population, Patient, Physician and Professionalism (P4) 1B1
MD1 5203Population, Patient, Physician and Professionalism (P4) 1C1
MD1 5301Service Learning 1-A0
MD1 5302Service Learning 1-B0
MD1 5303Service Learning 1-C0
Select one of the following elective tracks:5
Medical Education Research Elective 1A
and Medical Education Research Elective 1B
Research Elective 1A
and Research Elective 1B
Total Credits41

Segment 2 Phase 1, Part 2 - Pre-Clerkship

Courses include:
MD2 6001Human Disease Foundations I10
MD2 6002Human Disease Foundations II10
MD2 6003Human Disease Foundations III10
MD2 6101Clinical Skills 2A1
MD2 6102Clinical Skills 2B1
MD2 6103Clinical Skills 2C2
MD2 6201Population, Patient, Physician and Professionalism (P4) 2-A1
MD2 6202Population, Patient, Physician and Professionalism (P4) 2-B1
MD2 6203Population, Patient, Physician and Professionalism (P4) 2-C1
MD2 6301Service Learning 2-A0
MD2 6302Service Learning 2-B0
MD2 6303Service Learning 2-C0
MD2 6401Clinical Experiential Course 2-A1
MD2 6402Clinical Experiential Course 2-B1
MD2 6403Clinical Experiential Course 2-C1
MD2 6610Step-I Enhancement Course2
Select one of the following elective tracks:5
Medical Education Research Elective 2A
and Medical Education Research Elective 2B
Research Elective 2A
and Research Elective 2B
Total Credits47

Segment 3 - Phase 2 - Clerkship

MD3 7100Family Medicine Clerkship4
MD3 7200Internal Medicine Clerkship12
MD3 7300Pediatrics Clerkship6
MD3 7400Surgery Clerkship12
MD3 7500Psychiatry Clerkship4
MD3 7600Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship6
MD3 7700Neurology Clerkship4
MD3 7950Clinical Reasoning, Integration, Skills and Practice (CRISP) Class is offered for 1 credit per 12 week block4
Total Credits52

Segment 4 - Phase 3 - Post-Clerkship

Required Course:
MD4 8160Emergency Medicine Core Clerkship7
MD4 9545Step 2 Preparation1
Required Sub-internship (choose 1 of 5 sub-internships below to fulfill the requirement):7
Acting Internship: Family Medicine
Acting Internship: Internal Medicine
Obstetrics/Gynecology Subinternship
Acting Internship: Pediatric
Surgery Subinternship
Total Credits15
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