Office: 9374 Scott Hall; 313-577-1102
Chairperson: Wael Sakr

The discipline of pathology is a broadly based investigation of all aspects of the diseases that affect living systems.  This includes the study of the underlying causes of disease, as well as the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the disease process.  The goal of our Ph.D. program is to train students to be creative and successful scientists with a solid understanding of clinically relevant disease processes.  Although broadly based, our Ph.D. program has a particular focus on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer and metabolic diseases.

In the first semester, Pathology Ph.D. students join the first year Ph.D. students from all the Ph.D. programs at the medical school  to take IBS 7015 during the first semester.   In the subsequent semesters, each student follows a unique individualized plan of study designed take into account previous educational experience, individual interests, and the student's thesis project research area.  The program consists of a selected electives,  small number of required courses, several research rotation projects, a qualifying examination, and a doctoral dissertation based on new and significant research findings.