Social Work and Infant Mental Health (M.S.W. or Ph.D. Dual-Title)

Students in the master’s or Ph.D. program in Social Work can apply to earn a Dual-Title Master’s Degree in Social Work and Infant Mental Health (IMH). This dual-title degree is designed to prepare Social Workers to support early social and emotional development especially in contexts in which parents or children suffer from developmental disabilities, physical health or mental health concerns. The dual-title program offers many advantages to students whose goal is to work with very young children and their families. Students who earn an IMH dual-title degree and become practitioners are well positioned to be competitive in the job market, are prepared to work in cross-disciplinary teams, understand evidence-based treatments and their importance, and have a solid understanding of both research and clinical work with infants and families.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the admissions standards of the Graduate School and the School of Social Work. Applicants can indicate interest in the dual-title option on their initial online application. Current students can discuss their interest in the dual-title option with their faculty advisor prior to spring semester of their core year.

Social Work and Infant Mental Health (M.S.W. Dual-Title) 

Students are required to complete the following IMH coursework in addition to the M.S.W. All students must complete and earn a ‘B’ or above in the following courses:

PSY 7425Psychology of Infant Behavior and Development3
SW 7025Infant Mental Health: Theory to Practice across Early Childhood Settings2
SW 7880Infant/Family Mental Health Assessment2
SW 8880Infant Mental Health Practice3
SW 8883Infant Mental Health Seminar I2
SW 8884Infant Mental Health Seminar II2
Total Credits14

Master’s students must also complete an IMH-related field placement in their second year. Advanced standing students must focus their year of fieldwork on an IMH-related placement.

Social Work and Infant Mental Health (Ph.D. Dual-Title)

The dual-title degree requires coursework additional to the conventional social work doctoral program: twelve credits that focus on the social emotional capacities of young children birth to five years and in the primary relationships that support these capacities. IMH expertise thereby gained should be reflected in a substantive research paper and a dissertation that addresses IMH issues and concepts. Students' studies and scholarly productions will be mentored by Social Work faculty members as well as IMH faculty members from other University schools and colleges.