Academic Catalog

Academic Services: College of Education

Office: 489 Education; 313-577-1601
Assistant Dean: Paul W. Johnson
Undergraduate  Advising: Fawne Allossery, Shawntae Harris Mintline, Kurt Troutman
Undergraduate Success Coach: Daniel Lewis III  
Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator: Jeffrey Lisiecki 
Pre-Admission Graduate Advising: LaSondra Dawn, Deborah Gibson, KaRie Jorah-Rood, Mary Waker
Graduate Programs Outreach Specialist: Gloria McDonald

Purposes of the Division

The Division of Academic Services in the College of Education is responsible for Undergraduate Advising, Graduate Admissions, Graduation & Certification, Curriculum: Course & Program Proposals, Course Scheduling & the Bulletin, Student Education Council, Education Scholars Alliance Program, Rumble Fellowships, and Graduate Faculty Appointments.

Advising Services

Advising in the College of Education is centralized for undergraduate students in the Division of Academic Services and decentralized for graduate students in the four academic divisions of the college: 1) Administrative and Organization Studies, 2) Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies, 3) Theoretical and Behavioral Foundations, and 4) Teacher Education. Undergraduate students have professional advisors and graduate students are advised by faculty in the student’s program. Every student admitted to the College of Education is assigned an advisor.

Undergraduate Advising

Advising at the undergraduate level is from “start to finish” meaning students have the same advisor from the time of admission through graduation. Having the same advisor allows for deeper relationships and connections to form between student and advisor. Start to finish advising results in consistent advising and messaging with students and creates a culture of expectations and accountability, for both the advisor and student. This level of support fosters the student’s connection to the university, resourcefulness, and leads to maintaining or improving student persistence towards academic goals.

Undergraduate advisors also engage in group advising efforts by visiting courses taken by students early in their major and making presentations related to program requirements. Advisors utilize and encourage students to take advantage of university tools such as Advising Works, Degree Works, and STARS to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to meet with the advisor at least once per semester. Students schedule appointments online with their advisor through the university’s Advising Works system. In addition, Academic Services provides “Open Advising” each Tuesday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Open Advising is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is an ideal time for students to resolve registration problems, completion of verification forms and appeals, submission of applications and general advising questions. Scheduled appointments are for at least 30 minutes for completion of plans of work, establishing multi-year plans, reviewing, student progress toward degree completion, discussion of challenges to matriculation, referral to other university offices and support centers and to keep students focused and on track for completion of degree and certification requirements. 

Students seeking admission information should contact Academic Services by calling 313-577-1601, via e-mail at, or by attending Open Advising every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in room 489 Education. The Academic Services Office also advises in-service teachers working for professional certification and those seeking additional certificate endorsements.

College Success Coach

The College Success Coach helps students succeed by developing intervention strategies, determining areas of difficulty, and identifying support resources. Students new to the university, on or near probation, struggling with transitioning to college, or experiencing poor academic performance are encouraged to meet with the Success Coach.

The Success Coach will help students succeed in and out of the classroom by establishing a shared vision of student success, identifying the areas in which the student is struggling, and identifying resources to aid with the areas of need:

  • Study Strategies
  • Career Exploration
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief Techniques
  • Goal Setting
  • Scholarship Assistance

In addition, the Success Coach provides assistance and resources for students preparing for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification.

Undergraduate Student Services

In addition to advising, the Division of Academic Services provides the following services to students:

  • Degree and certificate audits for graduation.
  • Recommendations to the Michigan Department of Education for certification and licensure (see the Certification section below).
  • Monitoring of the university's academic probation system.
  • Annual Educator Job Placement Fair for PK-12 careers.


As a liaison to the Michigan Department of Education, the Division of Academic Services recommends candidates for initial certification as teachers, administrators, and school psychologists; approvals for supervisors and directors of Special Education; and licensure for school counselors. Additionally, the division helps candidates secure endorsements to existing teacher and administrator certificates.

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