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Bachelor Degree Requirements

Department of Music

Registration: All students must meet with a Department of Music advisor prior to initial course registration and at least once per term for early registration advising. Enrollment in all MUP courses requires departmental permission.

Scholarship: All course credit applicable to the degree programs described in the following pages must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the University and the College governing undergraduate scholarship and degrees.

Music majors pursuing undergraduate degrees must earn the grade of C or better in all music courses required in the music curriculum they are pursuing. The grade of C-minus or below is not an acceptable grade for degree credit. If the grade of C-minus or below (or a mark of WF) is received by a music major in any required course in a music curriculum, the student must repeat the course and earn a grade of C or better. Students who fail to achieve a grade of C or better in required music courses following two attempts may not be allowed to continue to register as Music Majors.

DOUBLE MAJORS: Music majors in any concentration may seek a second major outside Music with the approval of the Department of Music and the Department offering the second major. Double concentrations within a single major, however, are not granted by the University.

Ensemble Participation

The Music Department encourages all musically inclined students to join its ensembles. Participation gives music majors and non-majors the opportunity to improve their musical skills and perform in internationally recognized groups. Conductors audition new students during the week before classes begin; the level of skill necessary varies by ensemble, however, most require music literacy. Music majors must elect designated Major Ensembles (MUA 2800MUA 2810MUA 2820MUA 2822MUA 2840, or MUA 2850) for degree credit.

BANDS: Woodwind, brass and percussion players are welcome to join the Concert Band. Wind Symphony members are chosen through competitive auditions.

CHORUSES: Non-music majors are encouraged to register for Choral Union (the large mixed-voice choir), Men's Chorus or Women's Chorale. Concert Chorale is the Department's most select vocal ensemble, and auditions are especially competitive. Music majors who are required to participate in a choral ensemble must elect Choral Union (MUA 2840) or Concert Chorale (MUA 2850) for degree credit.

JAZZ: Jazz studies and other music majors are given highest priority for jazz big band positions (MUA 2820) and jazz guitar ensembles (MUA 2822). Non-music majors are welcome to audition for all jazz ensembles and combos.

ORCHESTRA: Positions in the Orchestra are assigned through auditions with the conductor of the Orchestra.

General Education Requirements

University-wide General Education Requirements are designed to enhance students' basic skills and the diversity of their intellectual background. These requirements assure minimal competence in those skills needed to succeed in college and professional life and provide a selective introduction to the increasingly broad range of academic disciplines represented at the University. They serve to emphasize the fundamental means and essential knowledge required for continuing self-education and intellectual growth. The College adheres to specified timelines for completion of General Education requirements.

Some of the courses listed in the University General Education program are also courses required in some majors. With careful course selection, students may satisfy both General Education Requirements and Department Requirements in some majors (and concentrations, where applicable). Students should consult the department academic advisors in order to take advantage of these occasions of overlapping requirements.

Music: Private Instruction

Private instruction in instruments and voice are required in all B.A. and B.Mus. concentrations. The courses listed in the following table under Principal and Secondary Private Instruction, MUP 1xxx and 3xxx, are available for one credit each and are intended for students studying instruments as required in the concentrations:

  • B.A. in Music
  • Composition
  • Instrumental Music Education
  • Vocal Music Education
  • Music Business
  • Music Technology
  • Jazz Studies
  • secondary instrument study in the Performance concentration

All students must successfully pass a junior-standing jury for permission to continue elections at the 3xxx level.

The courses listed in the following table under Major Private Instruction, MUP 2xxx and 4xxx, are available for three credits each and are intended for students studying major instruments as required in all performance concentrations. All students must successfully pass a junior-standing jury for permission to continue elections at the 4xxx level.

Corequisite: Students enrolled in MUP Private Instruction must concurrently register in an appropriate major ensemble selected from the following:

MUA 2800University Bands1
MUA 2810University Symphony Orchestra1
MUA 2820Jazz Big Band1
MUA 2822Jazz Guitar Ensemble1
MUA 2840Choral Union1
MUA 2850Concert Chorale1

Fees: MUP courses have applied music fees as stated in course list in the bulletin as well as the schedule of classes.

Principal and Secondary Private Instruction Courses

Instrument Freshman Sophomore Secondary Junior Senior Secondary
Organ MUP 1201,1202 MUP 1203,1204 MUP 1205 MUP 3201,3202 MUP 3203,3204 MUP 3205
Piano MUP 1211,1212 MUP 1213,1214 MUP 1215 MUP 3211,3212 MUP 3213,3214 MUP 3215
Voice MUP 1221,1222 MUP 1223,1224 MUP 1225 MUP 3221,3222 MUP 3223,3224 MUP 3225
Strings MUP 1231,1232 MUP 1233,1234 MUP 1235 MUP 3231,3232 MUP 3233, 3234 MUP 3235
Woodwinds MUP 1241,1242 MUP 1243,1244 MUP 1245 MUP 3241,3242 MUP 3243,3244 MUP 3245
Brasswinds MUP 1251,1252 MUP 1253,1254 MUP 1255 MUP 3251,3252 MUP 3253,3254 MUP 3255
Percussion MUP 1261,1262 MUP 1263,1264 MUP 1265 MUP 3261,3262 MUP 3263,3264 MUP 3265
Harp MUP 1271,1272 MUP 1273,1274 MUP 1275 MUP 3271,3272 MUP 3273,3274 MUP 3275
Classic Guitar MUP 1281,1282 MUP 1283,1284 MUP 1285 MUP 3281,3282 MUP 3283,3284 MUP 3285
Jazz Piano MUP 1321,1322 MUP 1323,1324 MUP 1325 MUP 3321,3322 MUP 3323,3324 MUP 3325
Jazz Strings MUP 1331,1332 MUP 1333,1334 MUP 1335 MUP 3331,3332 MUP 3333,3334 MUP 3335
Jazz Woodwinds MUP 1341,1342 MUP 1343,1344 MUP 1345 MUP 3341,3342 MUP 3343, 3344 MUP 3345
Jazz Brasswinds MUP 1351,1352 MUP 1353,1354 MUP 1355 MUP 3351,3352 MUP 3353, 3354 MUP 3355
Jazz Percussion MUP 1361,1362 MUP 1363,1364 MUP 1365 MUP 3361,3362 MUP 3363,3364 MUP 3365
Jazz Guitar MUP 1371,1372 MUP 1373,1374 MUP 1375 MUP 3371,3372 MUP 3373,3374 MUP 3375

Major Private Instruction Courses

Instrument Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Organ MUP 2201, 2202 MUP 2203, 2204 MUP 4201, 4202 MUP 4203, 4204
Piano MUP 2211, 2212 MUP 2213, 2214 MUP 4211, 4212 MUP 4213, 4214
Voice MUP 2221, 2222 MUP 2223, 2224 MUP 4221, 4222 MUP 4223, 4224
Strings MUP 2231, 2232 MUP 2233, 2234 MUP 4231, 4232 MUP 4233, 4234
Woodwinds MUP 2241, 2242 MUP 2243, 2244 MUP 4241, 4242 MUP 4243, 4244
Brasswinds MUP 2251, 2252 MUP 2253, 2254 MUP 4251, 4252 MUP 4253, 4254
Percussion MUP 2261, 2262 MUP 2263, 2264 MUP 4261, 4262 MUP 4263, 4264
Harp MUP 2271, 2272 MUP 2273, 2274 MUP 4271, 4272 MUP 4273, 4274
Classic Guitar MUP 2281, 2282 MUP 2283, 2284 MUP 4281, 4282 MUP 4283, 4284
Jazz Piano MUP 3323, 3324
Jazz Strings MUP 3333, 3334
Jazz Woodwinds MUP 3343, 3344
Jazz Brasswinds MUP 3353, 3354
Jazz Percussion MUP 3363, 3364
Jazz Guitar MUP 3373, 3374
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