Computer Science (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts curriculum is designed to provide a strong academic foundation in both the principles and methodologies of computer systems, software development, and programming that are necessary to solve real-world problems. Students planning to earn a graduate degree in computer science are strongly advised to seek the Bachelor of Science degree in computer science offered by the College of Engineering.

Admission Requirements

An admissions moratorium is in effect for this program. Interested students should contact an undergraduate advisor in the Department of Computer Science.

Academic Regulations

Academic Probation: A student is considered to be on academic probation whenever his or her cumulative grade point average, or his or her grade point average in the computer science program, falls below 2.0. A student may also be placed on probation whenever his or her academic performance is deemed unsatisfactory. If, at the end of the first semester on probation, the student’s cumulative grade point average has not increased to at least 2.0, he or she will be excluded from the Department of Computer Science. If the student’s cumulative g.p.a. reaches at least 2.0 by the end of the first semester after being placed on probation, he or she will be returned to regular status. Following exclusion from the Department of Computer Science, the privilege of registering in the Department will be withheld for at least one calendar year.

Exclusion: A student who has been refused the privilege of registering in the Department may request a reconsideration of his or her status by the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) after the one-year exclusionary period. He or she should not make the request, however, unless evidence can be provided of changes in academic preparation or circumstances that will substantially increase the likelihood of academic success. A formal written request for reconsideration must be presented to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Students who plan to petition for readmission are encouraged to request a meeting with the ASC as early as possible during the exclusion period to discuss what changes may provide an opportunity for readmission. In no case is readmission to the Department of Computer Science guaranteed.

Repeated Courses and Substandard Grades: Students will be allowed up to a maximum of five repeated courses, one repeated course for a substandard grade. If a student must repeat a subsequent course in order to complete their degree, he or she will be excluded from the Department of Computer Science (i.e., students must complete a course within three attempts). Prerequisite math and science courses that do not satisfy degree requirements, but are required if students did not place into MAT 2010, are also counted toward exclusion from the Department. A substandard grade is defined as a grade lower than the minimum requirement (i.e., a grade of C-minus in CSC 1100/1101, or a WP/WF/WN).