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Law for Applied Health Sciences Minor

Students will gain a broad understanding of legal terminology, concepts, and issues that affect the health care sector. This will give them an edge in professional environments that involve interaction with legal professionals or the legal system. In addition, applied health professionals and managers need to have functional knowledge of the laws that affect their work and that will enable them to:  be comfortable with legal terminology and concepts; adhere to regulations and policies; comply with government agencies, public offices, local, state, and federal regulations; understand the boundaries of their personal and professional liability; negotiate contracts; manage care plans; and ensure and maintain law compliance.

The Minor in Law for Applied Health Sciences requires a minimum of 18 credits. All coursework must be completed in accordance with the academic regulations of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the academic regulations of the University.

Law Courses
Select nine credits from the following:9
Law in Social Context
Law and Harm
Legal Procedure
Law and Transactions
Law and Regulation
Pharmacy and Health Sciences Courses
Select nine credits from the following:9
Introduction to Applied Health Sciences
Applied Health Sciences Communication
Advanced Applied Health Sciences Professions
Diversity in Applied Health Sciences
Interprofessional Education in Applied Health Sciences
Total Credits18
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