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Finance (B.S.)

Finance is primarily concerned with the determination of value and making decisions about allocation of funds in corporate and individual settings.

Students who major in Finance can apply their knowledge working in corporations and public finance in determining optimum investment strategies, raising funds to finance these investments, and managing daily operations. Students employed in investment banking and other financial institutions trade in varying types of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives, allocate wealth across these assets, and manage and hedge risk.

With increasing globalization of the economy, many corporations employ people who are experts at analyzing potential future investments in foreign markets. Finance specialists become involved with currency exchange rates, foreign economic conditions and forecasts, and techniques for reducing the risk of investments.

Admission Requirements

Students who meet the University requirements for regular admission are eligible for admission to the Mike Ilitch School of Business.

Program Requirements

Candidates for the bachelor’s degree must complete 120 credits including satisfaction of the degree requirements. All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic rules of the University and those of the Mike Ilitch School of Business.

The requirements for the Bachelor of Arts are the same as for the Bachelor of Science with the additional requirement that a student must attain a level of proficiency in a single foreign language equivalent to the completion of eleven credits through university-level course work or placement by examination administered by the University’s Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. In some instances, completion of the Bachelor of Arts foreign language requirements may result in course work beyond the 120 credit minimum. 

Finance Core
FIN 5000Financial Statement - Analysis & Modeling3
FIN 5215Investment Fundamentals3
FIN 5270Advanced Business Finance3
FIN 6996Corporate Financial Strategies3
Finance Electives
Select two of the following:6
Capital Markets
Portfolio Management
Entrepreneurs' Ecosystem
Principles of International Finance
Bank Management
Internship in Finance
Derivative Securities
Total Credits18

Students earning a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Finance may find employment in several different areas, including corporate finance, financial institutions, and investments.

Corporate Finance

This area is for the student who wants to concentrate on those aspects of finance that will relate directly to financial decision-making in a business or non-profit organization. The corporate finance area offers careers as financial managers in non-financial corporations. Entry level positions are generally as financial analysts or staff accountants, while potential future responsibilities include management of working capital, operating budgets, financial statement preparation, bank relationships, long term financial planning, capital budgeting, treasury operations and stockholder relations.

Suggested courses to include in final choice of electives for students seeking a career in Corporate Finance:

FIN 5320Principles of International Finance3
FIN 5890Internship in Finance3

Financial Markets and Investments

This area is for the student who is interested in working for organizations which offer financial and investment services such as banks, insurance companies and mutual and pension funds. Investment careers can also be found in other financial intermediaries such as investment banking firms, security and investment brokerage houses, and security and commodity exchanges. Responsibilities within such firms are highly varied and include commercial and personal lending, branch management, security analysis, portfolio and trust management, real estate management, and insurance, commodity and security brokerage.

Recommended electives for students seeking a career in Financial Markets and Investments:

FIN 5090Capital Markets3
FIN 5220Portfolio Management3
FIN 5280Entrepreneurs' Ecosystem3
FIN 5320Principles of International Finance3
FIN 5330Bank Management3
FIN 5890Internship in Finance3
FIN 6997Derivative Securities3
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