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Admission to M.D. Program

The School of Medicine accepts 290 students for its entering class. The students are selected from a large number of applicants who apply through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).

Academic Requirements for Admission

Wayne State University School of Medicine requires applicants for admission to have earned a bachelor’s degree.

Required subjects for baccalaureate preparation are:

  • general physics;
  • inorganic and organic chemistry;
  • general biology;
  • college writing or composition.

It is recommended that students complete lab work in the above science courses. and take a course in statistics, ethics, and biochemistry. The student is urged to select additional subjects which will contribute substantially to a broad cultural background.

It is to be noted that when students are accepted before completion of their premedical requirements, they must maintain a satisfactory scholastic average in their continued premedical work to warrant enrollment in the School of Medicine.

The Medical College Admission Test is required of all applicants for admission into the first year class. Students seeking admission should take this test no later than September of the year prior to matriculation. After a preliminary review of application credentials, interviews are held with those applicants who warrant further consideration.

Admission to the First-Year Class

The School of Medicine adheres to the acceptance procedures of the Association of American Medical Colleges, including the ‘Early Decision Plan.’ Admission procedures of the School are:

  1. No place in the first-year class shall be offered to an applicant more than one year before the actual start of instruction for that class.
  2. Following the receipt of an offer of a place in the first-year class, a student shall be allowed three weeks in which to make a decision.
  3. No student who has at any time been requested to withdraw for any reason from a medical school in which he/she has been registered will be accepted by the WSU School of Medicine. Students who have been dropped for poor scholarship by the School of Medicine should not expect favorable consideration for readmission.
  4. Any applicant accepted by the School of Medicine who does not complete enrollment must apply for readmission and meet all requirements in force at the time of the new application.

Selection Factors

The Committee on Admissions will select applicants who, in its judgment, will make the best students and physicians. Consideration is given to the entire record, including grade point average, Medical College Admission Test scores, recommendations and interview results (one-on-one interview and multiple mini-interviews), as these reflect an applicant's personality, maturity, character and suitability for medicine. Additionally, the committee regards as desirable certain health care experiences, such as volunteering or working in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes or doctor's offices. The committee also values experience in biomedical laboratory research. Following an initial screening process, students with competitive applications are selected to complete a secondary application. Special encouragement is given to candidates from medically underserved areas in Michigan.

As a state-supported school, the institution must give preference to Michigan residents; however, out-of-state applicants are encouraged to apply. An applicant's residency is determined by university regulations. Applicants must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen or U.S. permanent resident to be eligible for admission. Students whose educational backgrounds include work outside the United States must have completed two years of course work, including the prerequisite courses at a U.S. or Canadian college or university. Canadian citizens are considered non-resident for both admission and tuition purposes. Interviews are required but are scheduled only with those applicants who are given serious consideration. Students are urged to apply by November 1.

Application and Acceptance Policies

The School of Medicine adheres to the acceptance procedures of the Association of American Medical Colleges, including the ‘Early Decision Plan.’ Admission procedures of this School are:

  1. An American Medical College Application Services application must be filed between June 1 and December 31 of the year preceding anticipated matriculation.
  2. Applicants must respond to acceptance offer within three weeks of the offer.

Diversity and Integrated Student Services

This unit supports the medical school to maintain its representation of diversity across economic, personal and social dimensions. This is accomplished through pipeline outreach programs and special projects that present a combination of academic and extracurricular activities designed to inform high school, undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students about career opportunities in medicine and other health professions, and prepare them to gain admission.

A special program feature of the unit is the Post Baccalaureate Program. This medical school preparatory program offers an opportunity to a small number of applicants who are Michigan residents, and whose undergraduate academic achievement has been compromised by certain disadvantaging factors to gain admission into medical school. Successful completion of this special one year program facilitates entry into medical school for those selected applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Registration Requirements

Physical Examination

Each student must present proof of a physical examination at or before registration for the first year. Students are also required to be annually tested for TB (skin test or chest x-ray). Additional vaccines and titers may be required.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory and students must demonstrate proof of insurance at registration. Students have the option of purchasing the group plan offered by the Medical School, which can be purchased at registration.

Disability Insurance is mandatory and can be purchased at registration.

Criminal Background Check: All accepted applicants to the medical school will be required to complete a criminal background check through AMCAS and Certiphi, the selected vendor for criminal background checks.


Transcripts of all university-level work must be on file in the Registrar’s Office for each medical student, including the degree statement from the university from which the student obtained his/her degree.

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