CMLLC Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for this program are satisfied by the general requirements for undergraduate admission to the University.

A student who wishes to major or minor in the Department should plan his/her program with the Departmental undergraduate advisor as soon as possible after entering the University. Each major's program is arranged to satisfy the individual student's interests and purposes, whether they be to combine majors and minors for teacher certification, to acquire language skills needed for technical work in other areas of study, to enrich professional background, or to broaden general cultural development.

Degree Requirements

Candidates must complete 120 credits in course work including satisfaction of the University General Education Requirements and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Group Requirements, as well as the departmental major  requirements cited below. All course work must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the University and the College governing undergraduate scholarship and degrees.

General Education Program - Foreign Language Group Requirements

Foreign Language

Students may satisfy the Foreign Language Group Requirement (see Foreign Language) by completing the third course of an elementary language sequence, or by a special examination through which one might place out of the requirement. Students electing language study should do so as early as possible and continue it without interruption. The courses numbered 1010, 1020, (1060) and 2010 are essentially a continuum designed to give students command of the basic elements of the language. The 'target' language is the primary language of the classroom. There are several in-class examinations in each course; group finals are given. The learning of a foreign language requires:

  1. regular class attendance;
  2. class participation; and
  3. two hours of concentrated study for each hour in class.

Placement: Students continuing the study of any of the languages cited at Foreign Language and begun in high school or in another college should consult with the Department undergraduate advisor to determine the level of at which to continue coursework (phone: 313-577-3002). The main criteria for placement of these students is the Departmental placement exam. The number of years of high school language study does not effectively correspond to language course sequences at the university level. Students with sufficiently high placement exam scores will be deemed to have satisfied the Foreign Language Group Requirement. For information on the Placement Examination, contact the Department at 313-577-3002. Examinations are scheduled by appointment at the Department Office, 487 Manoogian Hall. (A fee is charged.)

The satisfaction of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Foreign Language Group Requirement also satisfies the University General Education Foreign Culture (FC) Requirement.

Foreign Culture

As noted above, satisfaction of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Foreign Language Group Requirement also satisfies the Foreign Culture Requirement of the University General Education Program (see General Education Program). Modern Greek (GKM 3710) also satisfies the Foreign Culture Requirement. CLA 1010CLA 2200 and CLA 2300 satisfy the Philosophy and Letters (PL) requirement.

Departmental Honors Program 

Qualified majors may apply for participation in the Departmental Honors Program. Only a student who has demonstrated superior ability in one of the Departmental majors and who shows promise of acquiring greater breadth and depth of knowledge through tutorial study will be admitted to the program. As preparation for admission, the student is required, during the freshman and sophomore years, to acquire basic knowledge of their major language. To be  recommended for an honors degree a student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.3. He/she must accumulate at least fifteen credits in honors-designated course work, including at least one 4000-level seminar offered through the Honors College (see the schedule of classes under ‘Honors Courses’ for seminar topics), and the Departmental credits associated with completion of a Senior Thesis.

‘AGRADE’ Program (Accelerated Graduate Enrollment)

The Department encourages academically-superior majors to petition for admission into the College’s ‘AGRADE’ program. Qualified seniors may apply a maximum of fifteen credits toward both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. For more details, contact the graduate director (Classics, French, German, Italian, or Spanish): 313-577-3002. Students should consult with the director in their junior year regarding this opportunity.

Study Abroad

Students should consult the department and the Study Abroad and Global Programs Office for more details on the following programs:

Arabic Language and Culture at the American University of Cairo or Lebanese American University

Junior Year in Munich Program
Juniors, seniors, or graduate students who would like to spend a year studying at the University of Munich are encouraged to contact the Junior Year in Germany Office, 401 Manoogian Hall; 313-577-4605.

Study Abroad in Poland
A two-week study-abroad program is offered in May. Contact department for details.

Study Abroad in Russia
A four-week program offered in June. Students study and live in St. Petersburg, and make a side-trip to Moscow. 

Summer Homestay and Study Tour Program in Japan
A two-week study tour trip (trip after spring semester) is offered in spring and summer. Contact department for details.