Teacher Education

Office: 241 Education Building; 313-577-0902

Graduate Teacher Education

The graduate unit of the Division of Teacher Education emphasizes the development of competence in instruction, the improvement of curriculum at all levels, and the ability to conduct scholarly research. The graduate programs in teacher education are designed to prepare educators and researchers who are:

  • effective in schools and other educational settings; knowledgeable in content areas for which they are responsible;
  • knowledgeable about growth and development of learners, teaching and learning styles, philosophical purposes of schooling and methodologies of education;
  • committed to the continuous improvement of the processes of education;
  • responsive to a rapidly-changing technology and cognizant of its implications for education and schooling;
  • cognizant of the uniqueness of urban and metropolitan areas;
  • cognizant of the values and contributions of various racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, national, ability and linguistic groups;
  • capable of promoting an understanding of the dynamics of cultural and linguistic pluralism in our society;
  • able to promote collaboration between teachers, schools, parents, community and students;
  • capable of creative thought and able to stimulate and promote creative thought in their students;
  • able to study educational issues through the design and implementation of a research project;
  • able to identify and use the results of educational research;
  • able to reflect on and develop their own patterns of ethical behavior;
  • able to serve educational institutions in local, national and international settings.

The Division offers degree programs for a wide range of advanced professional roles:

  1. supervisory and resource teachers, coordinators, consultants, and curriculum specialists;
  2. teachers and consultants in parent education in school and non-school settings;
  3. college and university teachers and researchers in the field of education.