Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies

Office: 2152 Faculty Administration Building; 313-577-4249
Assistant Dean: Nate McCaughtry

Health and kinesiology, as integral parts of a general education, focus attention upon the vital needs of the human being to acquire attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for regular participation in healthful living and physical and leisure-time activities. Accordingly, the Division provides courses of instruction both to promote physical well being through athletic and exercise programs, and to prepare teachers and practitioners to promote such health in others. The decreased demands for physical vigor, as well as the increased tensions caused by the technological progress of the modern society, demand a scientific approach to these vital phases of well-being.

The Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies (KHS) provides courses of instruction in athletic training, health and physical education pedagogy, community health, exercise and sport science and sports administration for the general student body. In addition, it provides professional curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels for those students seeking careers in these areas. For students interested in advanced study and research the Division offers a doctoral program in Kinesiology: concentrations (Exercise and Sport Science, Community Health and Health and Physical Education Pedagogy.

Advisors: Each student admitted to the College at the graduate level and seeking a degree is assigned to a faculty member who acts as the advisor. The advisor guides the student in the selection of courses and counsels the student in solving academic problems.

Assistantships, Scholarships and Financial Aid

A number of assistantships are available in the area of kinesiology. Applications should be made to the Office of the Assistant Dean, 2177 FAB. Scholarships, loans, work-study, and other types of financial aid are available through Wayne State University; contact the University Office of Financial Aid; 313-577-3378.

Scholarships are also available in the College of Education; contact Julie Osburn, Chair of the College of Education Scholarship Committee; or 313-577-0909.

Admission to Master’s Programs

Current and prospective students should always review the KHS webpage, for the most current information regarding admission and degree requirements.

Admission to graduate programs in the Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. In addition, applicants to any program in the Division must meet the following criteria, as applicable:

Regular Admission: Applicants must have an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or above, and an undergraduate degree directly relating to the field of specialization being applied for, or an undergraduate degree accompanied by an extensive educational background in a closely-related field.

Qualified Admission: Applicants whose undergraduate grade point average is between 2.5 and 2.9, and who otherwise meet the criteria for regular admission, will be admitted on this basis but will be required to successfully complete additional coursework and/or other requirements as stipulated by the Division Graduate Officer.

Non-Degree Admission (Pre- or Post-Master’s): Applicants must have an undergraduate grade point average of 2.5 or above, and an undergraduate degree in any field. Non-degree applicants must include a personal statement with their initial graduate application, specifying their intent to apply to a Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies degree program prior to the earning of nine credit hours. Only one semester of full-time graduate study, part-time registrations not to exceed nine credits, are normally permitted in this classification. Based on the approval of the College of Education Graduate Officer, no more than nine credits taken in graduate non-degree admission status may later be applied to graduate degree program requirements.

Post-Bachelor Admission: Applicants must have an undergraduate grade point average of 2.25 or above, and an undergraduate degree in any field. Post-Bachelor status allows students to elect courses through the 6000 level, for undergraduate credit only.

Special Admission (Non-Degree or Post-Bachelor): Upon the recommendation of an advisor and the Division Graduate Officer, an applicant whose undergraduate grade point average is below 2.25 may be admitted on Non-Degree or Post-Bachelor status, if the applicant demonstrates substantial evidence of meritorious academic achievement subsequent to the conferral of his/her undergraduate degree.

Senior Rule Admission: In their last undergraduate semester, Wayne State students with a 3.0 (or above) upper division grade point average have the option of taking a limited number of graduate credits. Graduate credit is awarded only for those courses taken in excess of baccalaureate degree requirements. Undergraduate and graduate courses combined may not exceed sixteen credits for the final semester of baccalaureate degree work. A Senior Rule student must register for at least one credit which is required for the undergraduate degree in order to be eligible for this status. Students who have completed all required registrations for the baccalaureate may not obtain Senior Rule status. Completion of the Application for Graduate Admission form is required, and students are advised to consult their advisors and the Office of University Admissions. Application deadlines for Senior Rule admission are the same as for regular graduate admission. Students who qualify and are recommended by the department or college will be admitted for one semester. Graduate admission will be regularized upon evidence that the student has completed all requirements for the bachelor’s degree; it is the student’s responsibility to provide this transcript.

As a courtesy, the University permits a student to pay undergraduate fees for the graduate courses elected in a Senior Rule status. It is recommended that students elect only courses numbered 5000-6999 in their Senior Rule semester.