Educational Outreach

5057 Woodward Avenue, Suite 3101, Detroit MI 48202; Telephone: (313) 577-4682

Associate Vice President for Educational Outreach and International Programs: Ahmad Ezzeddine
Sr. Director, Business Affairs: Arthurine Turner
Director of Operations: Rebecca Journigan
Manager, Administrative Services: Heather Howell
Program Coordinators:  Gail Stanford, Nevein Michail, Jessica Bielawski
Director, Educational Outreach and Transfer Initiatives: Michael Quattro
Associate Director, Educational Outreach: Stacy Jackson
Program Manager, Schoolcraft Center: Gail Stanford
Associate Director, Executive and Professional Development: Michael Kelly
Instructional Services Supervisor: Margaret Matyniak
Project Coordinator, Marketing: Carol Baldwin

Educational Outreach is principally responsible for Wayne State University's off-campus offerings including online programs and courses. This division administers academic off-campus course offerings and programs for most Schools and Colleges of the University; the University Summer Session; and the partnership degree programs at University centers located on community college campuses. Educational Outreach staff coordinate relationships with community colleges partners and oversee transfer student recruitment and retention via the Transfer Student Success Center. Additionally, the division oversees credit and non-credit executive education, certificate, professional development and continuing education programs for the University.

The Division operates several instructional centers in the Detroit metropolitan area as well as in other selected locations in Michigan, and delivers distance learning and online instructional programs. Through these outreach efforts, WSU is able to serve and meet the educational needs of a diverse student audience: working adults who are unable to pursue traditional on-campus programs of study; persons who desire courses of instruction at or near their place of employment; and others who are simply taking courses to enrich their educational background or improve their technical skills.

Dual Enrollment Cohort Programs

Educational Outreach coordinates dual enrollment cohort programs for eligible high school students in interested school districts. Dual enrollment cohort programs may be offered on site within the school district or at any of the Wayne State University campuses. For information regarding Dual Enrollment Cohort Programs, telephone: 313-577-1430.

Visitor Program (Non-Credit)

Educational Outreach also administers the University's Visitor Program. Under this program, adults can attend a wide range of selected University courses, both on and off campus, provided classroom space is available. No grade or academic credit may be earned, and students may not be registered for courses taken for credit simultaneously with courses taken under the Visitor Program.

The Visitor Program allows any adult who is not currently enrolled in credit courses at Wayne State University to attend a wide range of University courses in a noncredit status. Visitor status students do not receive academic credit and do not receive acknowledgement on transcripts. Provided space is available and permission has been granted, adults may enroll as visitors in most of the courses listed in the Schedule of Classes.

It is not necessary to be formally admitted to the University to take advantage of the Visitor Program. Visitor status students do not submit written work or take examinations. Registration for both on-campus and off-campus classes takes place the first two weeks of classes and is processed by the Division of Educational Outreach, located on the main campus.

Students enrolled in the Visitor Program are assessed one-half of the undergraduate resident lower division credit hour rate for each credit hour plus a non-refundable Registration Fee equal to one-half of the regular Registration fee and the full per credit hour undergraduate Student Service Credit Hour Fee. Payment of tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration. Payment is accepted by money order, check, Discover, Master or Visa Card. Money orders or checks must be drawn from a United States bank and cannot be starter checks. Students may register in person or by calling: 313-577-4682.

Travel Study

Sponsoring schools and colleges in the University offer travel study programs through the Division of Educational Outreach. Most programs occur in the spring/summer sessions; times and locales vary each year. Travel study refers to programs in the United States. Please refer to the Office of International Programs for study abroad programs. Recent travel study programs include:

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Biological Sciences: marine lab at the Florida Keys; field studies at Fish Lake, Michigan
College of Education: Science Education: ecology courses at Higgins Lake, Michigan
College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts: Fashion Merchandising: design in New York City