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Bachelor of Arts Program Requirements

At the undergraduate level the Department of Communication offers Bachelor of Arts degrees with majors in: Communication StudiesFilmJournalismMedia Arts and Studies, and Public Relations.

The following requirements apply to all of these degrees; specific requirements are listed within each major program.

Admission Requirements 

Admission requirements are satisfied by the general requirements for undergraduate admission to the University.

Degree Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor’s degree must complete 120 credits of course work including satisfaction of the University General Education requirements, department degree requirements including  completion of a foreign language through the third semester or two semesters of foreign language and one semester of foreign culture, as well as the major requirements of one of the programs. All courses in the major or the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better and be completed in accordance with the regulations of the University and the College governing undergraduate scholarship and degrees.

A major will complete at least thirty but not more than forty-six credits in the Department. Any course work elected over the forty-six credit maximum must have prior approval of both advisor and chairperson if the additional credits are to count toward the degree (120 credits). This required approval includes students who plan to double major in the Department. Double majors are not allowed in some combined concentrations: Public Relations and Communication Studies, or Public Relations and Journalism. At least twelve credits are required in residence within the major. Students should consult their advisor in selecting a proper distribution of courses.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students will be required to complete two semesters of a single foreign language to fulfill the requirements for a bachelor of arts in communication. Two semesters of American Sign Language will count as fulfilling that requirement.

General Education Requirements

University-wide General Education Requirements are designed to enhance students' basic skills and the diversity of their intellectual background. These requirements assure minimal competence in those skills needed to succeed in college and professional life and provide a selective introduction to the increasingly broad range of academic disciplines represented at the University. They serve to emphasize the fundamental means and essential knowledge required for continuing self-education and intellectual growth. The College adheres to specified timelines for completion of General Education requirements.

Some of the courses listed in the University General Education program are also courses required in some majors. With careful course selection, students may satisfy both General Education Requirements and Department Requirements in some majors (and concentrations, where applicable). Students should consult the table in the College introductory section in order to take advantage of these occasions of overlapping requirements.

Writing Intensive Requirement

The requirement of a writing intensive course in the major may be fulfilled by taking one of the following:

COM 2230Broadcast News Writing and Digital Editing (broadcast journalism)3
COM 3400Theories of Communication (communication studies)3
COM 5270Screenwriting (film)4
COM 4170Public Relations Writing (public relations)3
COM 4100Feature Writing (journalism)3
COM 3010Media Analysis and Criticism (media arts and studies)3
or COM 4560 Telecommunications Policy: A Political Economy Approach

The writing intensive course should be taken during the junior year after satisfactory completion of the Intermediate Composition (IC) requirement.

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