Public Relations (B.A.)

Students electing this major typically seek employment in one of the many career opportunities in public relations: business and industry; non-profit organizations; trade associations; government service; education; or account executive positions in an agency. Some students later pursue graduate-level study in fields such as organizational communication.  The Public Relations program at Wayne State is one of two programs in Michigan accredited by The Public Relations Society of America.

In addition to the course work below, students must complete all of the department's general degree requirements.

Major Requirements The major in Public Relations requires completion of a minimum of forty-two credits in coursework as outlined below.

Core Courses
Select four of the following:12
Oral Communication: Basic Speech
Fundamentals of Public Relations
Public Relations Writing
Research Methods in Communication
Public Relations Campaigns and Issues Management 1
Additional Requirements
COM 1500Survey of Mass Communication3
COM 2030Journalistic Grammar and Style3
COM 2100News Reporting3
COM 2170Persuasive Speaking3
or COM 3300 Business and Professional Presentations
COM 3210News Editing3
COM 3250Introduction to Organizational Communication3
COM 3400Theories of Communication3
COM 5130Communication and Social Marketing3
Select one of the following:3
Public Relations and Social Media
Layout and Design
Journalism and New Media
Total Credits39
Recommended electives include an internship (COM 6190), as well as courses in Journalism (COM 4100) and Communication Studies (COM 2200). An advisor should be consulted early in the student’s program. Direct inquiries to 585 Manoogian Hall (313-577- 2946).


Departmental Honors Program

The Communication Department Honors program offers capable students the opportunity to pursue independent study and to  work closely with department faculty members. Completion of the honors major results in an honors degree designation on the diploma.

Departmental Honors Requirements

In order to enter the departmental honors program students must have achieved academic excellence in previous work, such as a high school g.p.a. of 3.5 or a college or university g.p.a. of 3.3. Students must meet all regular major requirements including the following: three honors-option courses within their major at the 2000 level or above, taught by full-time faculty members (internships cannot satisfy this requirement), at least one 4000-level seminar offered through the Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors Program, a senior honors thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor in their major area (COM 4996) and maintain a minimum g.p.a. of 3.3 cumulative and in the major.