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Musical Theatre Minor

This minor offers an opportunity for students to further develop their performance skills in musical theatre through course work and practical application. Please note: Students majoring in Theatre, Dance or Music who are electing to declare the Minor in Musical Theatre may NOT count classes or credits required in their major toward the minor. Specifically:

  • Theatre students may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Acting 1 and Acting II or Acting: Scene Study;
  • Music students may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Private Voice, Elementary Music Theory, Ear Training 1, or Ear Training 2;
  • Dance majors may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Modern Dance 1, Ballet 1, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance 1 or Jazz Dance II.

To receive the minor in Musical Theatre students must complete:

THR 1041Musical Theatre Appreciation3
THR 2251Musical Theatre Performance I3
Select two credits of the following:2
Advanced Theatre Studio - Performance
Musical Theatre Performance I
Select 10 or 11 credits of the following:10-11
Introduction to Contemporary Dance
Fundamentals of Classic Ballet I
African Diasporic Dance Technique I
Tap Dance
African Diasporic Dance Technique II
Voice: Secondary Instruction (max. 3 Cr.)
Elementary Music Theory
Ear Training I
Acting I
Acting: Scene Study
Non-dance majors must select four to six credits of DNC courses4-6
Total Credits22-25
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