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Theatre Design and Technology Minor

The design and technology minor provides students in related areas of study with the opportunity to enhance and apply their design and/or technical and craft skills in a theatrical context.

In order for any minor in the Department of Theatre & Dance to be fulfilled, it must include at least nine credits that have not been used to fulfill requirements for any other major or minor.

A maximum of nine credits in a Theatre or Dance major may share with any other major or minor. 

A minor in this area requires:

THR 1010Introduction to the Theatre3
or THR 1111 Fundamentals of Theatre
THR 1121Play Analysis3
Select twelve elective credits of the following in consultation with a departmental advisor:12
Fundamentals of Crafts: Scenery and Costumes
Design Skills - Drafting I
Design Skills - Drafting II
Fundamentals of Crafts: Lighting and Stage Management
Entertainment Design - Scenery I
Entertainment Design - Costume I
Entertainment Design - Lighting I
Design Skills - Digital I
Visual Communication for Theatre and Dance
Visual Communication - Costumes
Entertainment Design - Scenery II
Entertainment Design - Costume II
Entertainment Design - Lighting II
Design Skills - Digital II
Entertainment Design - Projection Design
Advanced Production Practice: Pre-Production 1
Stage Management Studio - Principles
Stage Management Studio - AEA Contracts
Stage Management Studio - Health and Safety
Stage Management Studio: Event Management
Stage Management Studio - Commerce of Theatre
Stage Management Studio - Performance Management
Advanced Production Practice: Production 1
THR 3584
THR 3586
Stage Design
Entertainment Design - Scenery I
Introduction to Costuming
Entertainment Design - Costume I
Entertainment Design - Lighting I
Advanced Stage Lighting Design
Introduction to Scene Painting
Total Credits18

Max 3 cr. from THR 3582, THR 3583, THR 3584 and/or THR 3586

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