Theatre Design and Technology Minor

The design and technology minor provides students in related areas of study with the opportunity to enhance and apply their design and/or technical and craft skills in a theatrical context.

A minor in this area requires:

THR 1010Introduction to the Theatre3
or THR 1111 Fundamentals of Theatre
THR 1121Play Analysis3
THR 2301Introduction to Design for the Theatre3
Select nine elective credits of the following in consultation with a departmental advisor:9
Fundamentals of Crafts: Scenery and Costumes
Fundamentals of Crafts: Lighting and Stage Management
Stage Management
Advanced Theatre Studio - Scenery/Lighting 1
Advanced Theatre Studio - Costumes 1
Advanced Theatre Studio - Stage Management 1
Advanced Theatre Studio - Running Crew 1
Stage Design
Advanced Stage Design
Theatre Costuming I
Entertainment Design - Costume I
Stage Lighting
Advanced Stage Lighting Design
Introduction to Scene Painting
Total Credits18