Academic Catalog

Chemistry Minor

Students majoring in other fields who desire to obtain a minor in chemistry must complete the following courses:

CHM 1100
CHM 1130
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM 1140
CHM 1150
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHM 1240
CHM 1250
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM 2220Organic Chemistry II4
Select six additional credits earned at Wayne State University in Chemistry courses numbered 3000 or above, typically satisfied from a combination of the following: 16
Metals in Biology
Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry I
Analytical Chemistry
Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry II
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry
Biological Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry II
Survey of Biochemistry
Chemical Synthesis Laboratory
Materials Chemistry and Engineering
Advanced Bioinorganic Chemistry
Electroanalytical Chemistry
Separation Science
Advances in Bioanalytical Chemistry
Mass Spectrometry
Organic Structures and Mechanisms
Organic Reactions and Synthesis
Organic Spectroscopy
Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry and Drug Design
Statistical Thermodynamics
Computational Chemistry
Metabolism: Pathways and Regulation
Tools of Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology
Clinical and Molecular Aspects of Cancer
Green Chemistry: Mindful Design in Science, Engineering, and Medicine
Total Credits25

Excluding research courses (CHM 2999, CHM 5998, CHM 5999, etc.). 

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