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Criminal Justice Minor

The minor in Criminal Justice introduces undergraduate students to the general components and procedures of criminal justice system in the U.S., criminological theories of crime and criminality, and an understanding of race, ethnicity, and diversity issues affecting the criminal justice system. This program will also allow students to choose courses about topics of interest in Criminal Justice.  

The minimum requirement for a minor in Criminal Justice is six courses, or eighteen credits of coursework, of which a maximum of six credits can be transferred from other institutions. The Department offers a minor in Criminal Justice for which the notation of a minor appears on the student’s transcript. The required Criminal Justice courses are:

CRJ 1010Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJ 3800Criminological Theories3
Select one of the following:3
Race, Crime and Justice
Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice
Select one of the following:3
Police and Society
The Judicial Process
CRJ elective credits6
Total Credits18

Students wishing to minor in criminal justice are encouraged to visit the Departmental Offices for information and advising. A minor must be declared prior to filing for graduation.

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