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Society and the Environment Minor

The Society and the Environment minor provides students with a fundamental understanding of the impact of humans on the environment through exposure to principles of ecology and related sciences, as well as insights derived from a variety of social science and humanities disciplines.

The Society and Environment minor requires a minimum of 18 credits.

Required Courses6-7
Introduction to Environmental Science
American Environmental History
World Environmental History since 1900
Elective courses (select four from the following list)12-14
Biology and Culture
Ecology and the Environment
Environmental Economics
Literature and Science
Air and Water in Environmental Systems
American Environmental History 1
World Environmental History since 1900 2
Environmental Health
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Policy and Politics
Sociology of the Environment
Sustainable Cities
Cities and Food
Introduction to Urban Studies
Total Credits18-21

Open to those who take HIS 5540 as a core course.


Open to those who take HIS 5425 as a core course.

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