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Dietetics (B.S.)

An admissions moratorium is currently in effect for this program.

The coordinated program in dietetics is designed to prepare registration-eligible practitioners. The special body of knowledge for the profession is the science of nutrition; skills for delivery of nutritional care encompass a number of closely-allied fields, such as food science, business, management, psychology, social sciences, economics, and communication. The strong base in science and other areas is developed through selection of relevant prerequisite and supporting cognate courses, and in the professional courses. Graduates of the program receive a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics degree and are eligible to write the national registration examination for professional certification without the need for a separate internship. The dietetics program is currently granted accreditation status by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), a specialized accrediting body recognized by The Council on Post-secondary Accreditation and the United States Department of Education. Students may contact ACEND via their webpage or by calling 312-899-0040 to find out the accreditation status of any dietetic program.

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is competitive and open only to students with at least junior standing in the College after completion of the prerequisite courses cited below. Program application should be made by April 1 of the winter semester preceding the fall semester of anticipated entry into the program. Transfer and post-baccalaureate students must meet the pre-professional science requirements (see courses, below) before acceptance into the program. Transferability of credit must be verified by the College advisors and Dietetics faculty. Course material fees cover all the additional costs relating to the professional component of the program. However, students are responsible for the costs associated with physical examination, lab coat, texts and transportation.


Program Requirements

Candidates must complete 120 credits in course work including satisfaction of the University General Education Requirements and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Group Requirements, as well as the departmental major  requirements cited below. All course work must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the University and the College governing undergraduate scholarship and degrees.

Nutrition and Food Science Honors Program

Admission: A minimum grade point average (g.p.a.) of 3.3 is required for enrollment in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science Honors program. Prospective Honors students should consult with an advisor in the Department during the freshman year. Transfer students or others with a Nutrition and Food Science g.p.a. of 3.5 may be accepted into the program without having taken the NFS 3230 Honors section.

Honors Requirements

  1. Enroll in the Honors section of NFS 3230.
  2. Complete at least one HON 42XX seminar.
  3. Complete at least three credits in an independent research project (NFS 5990).
  4. Complete at least fifteen credits in honors-designated course work, including the above. The additional course work may be obtained in this department by taking an Honors option of upper-level NFS courses, or in any other department of the College.

Students must have an overall grade point average of 3.3 and maintain an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 in the major to be awarded the Honors Degree.

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