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Peace and Conflict Studies (Co-Major)

An admissions moratorium is currently in effect for this program.

The Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) Co-Major Program integrates a variety of practical courses and interdisciplinary research to allow students to combine their own majors with training, study, and experience in peace studies and the emerging field of conflict resolution, at the inter-personal, national and international levels. The curriculum deals with the most fundamental of human concerns: how to manage or resolve conflict constructively. Students are introduced to the causes of human conflict and violence, as well as approaches to conflict management ranging from diplomacy, law and negotiation, to mediation  and  arbitration.  Questions are raised concerning the issues of globalization, social justice, non-violence, ethnicity, race, and culture.

The PCS curriculum provides a framework useful for careers in legal, educational, governmental, business, labor, social service, scientific and health professions, as well as in graduate and professional education. Students are offered opportunity for hands-on experience, and are encouraged to build adaptive skills useful for the future. Courses in this curriculum may also count toward the completion of University General Education Requirements, as well as College and Major Requirements.

Students are encouraged to participate in the development of their curriculum; in addition to selecting from a wide variety of suggested PCS electives, co-majors are able to choose other elective courses with prior consent of the Director. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Peace and Justice Student Learning Community, which organizes speakers and other special educational programs and events on various subjects, and to explore credit for internships and study abroad.

The program is designed around a set of core courses, which introduce the student to the field, including various approaches to peace studies and the application of conflict management methods, and finally which assess the student's overall progress in a senior research seminar project. Five courses in conflict-related elective courses are required, but students must have a minimum of three courses that are counting towards the PCS co-major elective requirements and are not fulfilling any other major, minor, or co-major requirements. 

Core Course Requirements

PCS 2000Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies3
PCS 6000Senior Seminar in Peace and Conflict Studies3
Select two of the following (additional courses can count as electives):6-8
Black Social and Political Thought
World Cultures
International Trade
American Foreign Relations Since 1933
Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies 1
Science, Technology, and War
The Study of Non-Violence
Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
Special Readings/Research
Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
Introduction to Political Ideologies
World Politics
Ethnicity: The Politics of Conflict and Cooperation
Psychology of Social Behavior
Social Inequality
Select one of the following: 13-4
Dispute Resolution
Community or International Internship
Advanced Special Topics
Five courses in conflicted-related elective courses 215-20
Total Credits30-38

May be taken only once for core requirement, and repeated for electives.


Students must have a minimum of three courses that are counting towards the PCS co-major elective requirements and are not fulfilling any other major, minor, or co-major requirements. Permissible elective courses are listed in the WSU course bulletin, or can be approved in consultation with the program director. 

Peace and Conflict-Related Elective Courses

The University offers a large number of conflict- and peace-related courses in its various Schools and Colleges that are suitable electives for this program. The student is encouraged to select courses that introduce them to a variety of cultural practices regarding the management of conflict. The following are appropriate for the co-major or minor; because new courses are created by faculty on a rolling basis, students are encouraged to consult with the director or the undergraduate advisor about any courses not on the following list which may be included in their major. 

Race, Gender and Religion

AFS/SOC 2600Race and Racism in America3
AFS 3420/PS 3820Pan Africanism: Politics of the Black Diaspora4
AFS/SOC 5570Race Relations in Urban Society3
ANT 3530Native Americans3
ANT 5240Cross Cultural Study of Gender3
COM 4250Reporting Race, Gender, and Culture3
CRJ/GSW 2750Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice3
HIS 2605/GSW 2600History of Women, Gender and Sexuality in the Modern World3
HIS/AFS 3150African American History II: 1865-19683-4
HIS 5200Women, Gender, and Sexuality in US History3
HIS 5480/7480Nazi Germany3-4
NE 6500Religion and Society3
PS/AFS 5030African American Politics4
PSY 3250Psychology of Gender3
PSY/AFS 5700The Psychology of African Americans4
SOC/AFS 5570Race Relations in Urban Society3

Peace and Conflict Theory

ANT 5140Biology and Culture3
COM 3400Theories of Communication3
CRJ 3800Criminological Theories3
GER/SPA/FRE/ITA 2700Anguish and Commitment: European Existentialist Literature3-4
PHI 2320Introduction to Ethics3
PHI 3270Foundations of Law3
PS 2460Policy and Rationality: Dilemmas of Choice4
PS 3510Law, Authority and Rebellion4
PS 3530Great Political Thinkers I4
PS 6830Civil War and Conflict Processes3
PSY 3040Psychology of Perception: Fundamental Processes3
PSY/LIN 3080Cognitive Psychology: Fundamental Processes3
PSY 3200Motivation, Feeling and Emotion3
PSY 3310Abnormal Psychology4
SOC 5870Violence in the Family3

Human Rights and Social Justice

AFS/SOC 2600Race and Racism in America3
AFS/SOC 5580Law and the African American Experience4
COM 2160Campaigns and Social Movements3
CRJ 3200Police and Society3
ECO 5490/HIS 5290American Labor History4
LAS/HIS 2430History of Latino/as in the United States3
PHI 3270Foundations of Law3
PS 2420Ethics and Politics of Public Policy4
PS 3520Justice4
PS 5120Constitutional Rights and Liberties4
PS 5850Human Rights4
SOC/AFS 2600Race and Racism in America3
SOC 5700Seminar in Social Inequality3
SW 3110Diversity, Oppression and Social Justice3

International Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies

AFS 3610Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Foreign Culture: The Africans4
ANT 3100World Cultures3
ANT 3540Cultures and Societies of Latin America3
ANT/NE 3550Arab Society in Transition3
ECO 5300International Trade4
ECO 5310International Finance4
GPH/PS 2700/ENG 2670/HIS 2700Introduction to Canadian Studies3
HIS 1400The World Since 19454
HIS 1610African Civilizations Since 18003-4
HIS/LAS 1910Latin America from Independence to the Present3
HIS 3320Twentieth Century Middle East3
HIS 5530/7530History of World War I and II: A Social and Political History of Two World Wars4
JPN 4550Japanese Culture and Society I4
JPN 4560Japanese Culture and Society II4
NE 2040/HIS 1810The Modern Middle East3
NE 5000/HIS 5960Globalization, Social History and Gender in the Arabian Gulf3
PS/HIS/GPH 2700/ENG 2670Introduction to Canadian Studies3
PS 2710Introduction to Comparative Politics4
PS 3710Politics of Western Europe4
PS 3715Politics of Central and Eastern Europe4
PS 3735Politics of Latin America4
PS 3770Politics of East Asia4
PS 3795Latin America in World Affairs4
PS 3830War4
PS 3835Middle East Conflict4
PS 3991Directed Study: WSU-Salford Exchange3-9
PS 4725Globalization and Politics4
PS 4810Foreign Policies of Major Powers4
PS 5820International Law4
SLA/ARM/GER/POL/RUS 3410New Soil, Old Roots: The Immigrant Experience3
SLA 3710Russian and East European Film3

Peace and Conflict Studies in the United States

AFS/GSW 5110Black Women in America3
ECO 5480/6480Economics of Work3
HIS 5200Women, Gender, and Sexuality in US History3
HIS 5220The Changing Shape of Ethnic America: World War I to the Present3-4
HIS 5290/ECO 5490American Labor History4
PS/AFS 5030African American Politics4
SOC/AFS 5570Race Relations in Urban Society3
SOC 6750Sociology of Urban Health3
US 2000/SOC 2500/GPH 2000/HIS/PS 2000Introduction to Urban Studies4
UP 5650Metropolitan Detroit3

Peace Studies In Human Development

ANT/LIN 3310Language and Culture3
ANT 5140Biology and Culture3
ANT/LIN 5320Language and Societies3
CRJ 3350/SOC 3840Corrections3
CRJ 5500Child Abuse and Neglect3
PS 5560Biopolitics4
PSY 2400Developmental Psychology4
PSY 3310Abnormal Psychology4
PSY 3350Psychology of Personality3
SOC 2203Social Psychology3
SOC 5400The Family3
SOC 5870Violence in the Family3
SW/ELE/PSY 6010Equitable Partnerships with Families and Communities3

Dispute Resolution

(assumes completion of PCS 5000)

COM 2200Interpersonal Communication3
COM 3250Introduction to Organizational Communication3
COM 6220Dispute Resolution and Communication Technology3
COM 6350Communication, Culture, and Conflict3
CRJ 3110Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice3
ELR 4500Applied Labor Studies3
PS 3030Political Interest Groups4
PS 3040The Legislative Process4
PS 6070Labor and American Politics3
PSY 2100Psychology and the Workplace3
SW 1010Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare3
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