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Biomedical Physics Minor

The Department also offers a minor in Biomedical Physics. The requirements for a minor consist of:

PHY 2130Physics for the Life Sciences I4
or PHY 2170 University Physics for Scientists I
PHY 2131Physics for the Life Sciences Laboratory1
or PHY 2171 University Physics Laboratory
PHY 2140Physics for the Life Sciences II4
or PHY 2180 University Physics for Scientists II
PHY 2141Physics for the Life Sciences Laboratory1
or PHY 2181 University Physics Laboratory II
PHY 3700Mathematics for Biomedical Physics (approval required to substitute MAT 2030)4
or MAT 2030 Calculus III
PHY 4700Introduction to Biomedical Physics4
Select a minimum of six credits from the following:6
Introduction to Computational Methods
and Optics Laboratory 1
Biological Physics
Research Methods in Biomedical Physics
Total Credits24

 Or PHY 5620 and PHY 5621.

The students should consult the departmental Undergraduate Academic Advisor for approval of the minor prior to undertaking the program.

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