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Laboratory Science Concentration (B.H.S.)

The Bachelor of Health Science with a concentration in Laboratory Science is an excellent degree for students who wish to specialize in laboratory studies or advanced medical training outside of the typical hospital or clinical laboratory setting. This program is designed to provide students with necessary coursework to either continue with MLS studies after graduation or to apply to graduate programs in a health care field of their choice. The clinical experience is not included in this degree. 

Students applying for admission to this program must apply through the Medical Laboratory Science admission procedure. See the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science program page for details.

Pre-professional Curriculum

Preprofessional science courses must be completed within the six years just prior to admission to a professional program. Exceptions to this policy may be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the program faculty. Documentation of competency must be provided by the applicant requesting the exception. 

These courses are taken under direction of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Pre-professional curriculum requirements for the Bachelor of Health Science with a concentration in Laboratory Science are identical to those for the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science. Please see the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science requirements page for details.

The BHS  with a concentration in Laboratory Science degree requires a total of 120 credits.

Professional Curriculum

Required Courses 

MLS 3020Hematology I4
MLS 3080Instrumentation Lecture and Laboratory4
MLS 3100Urine and Body Fluid Analysis3
MLS 3280Clinical Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory4
MLS 4210Hemostasis Lecture and Laboratory2
MLS 4230Hematology II3
MLS 5500Immunology and Serology3
MLS 5510Diagnostic Microbiology I4
MLS 5520Diagnostic Microbiology II4
MLS 5550Molecular Diagnostics3
Total Credits34

Approved Electives

Sufficient electives may be taken to complete the minimum of 120 credits needed for graduation. Electives must be approved by the MLS Program Director and may include (list is not all-inclusive):

MLS 3040Immunohematology I4
MLS 4040Laboratory Operations3
MLS 4990Professional Directed Study3
Advanced Physiology
Cell Biology
General Physics
Advanced Psychology
Ethical Issues in Health Care
Introduction to Ethics
MLS 5530Medical Laboratory Science Simulation Laboratory2
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