Wayne Experience

The Wayne Experience (WE), a one credit course required of all first year students, will play an instrumental role in socializing students into the university community by providing activities that will increase their connections with fellow students, academic advising staff, and their instructors. The essential goals for this requirement are to enhance student engagement, success, and retention by implementing high-impact practices (HIPS) within a student’s first year in college. Wayne Experience will also help students build key skills and habits that will allow them to successively navigate the university and manage their busy lives. These would range from time management, study and test taking skills to engaging in community activities both on and off campus. Student motivation, engagement, learning, achievement, persistence and degree attainment all can be fostered by these transformative educational experiences.


  1. Belonging: will foster a sense of belonging and connection; cultivate the development and expanding of relationships; meet students where they are; and promote their sense of personal purpose at Wayne State University.

  2. Acculturation to academic community: will promote an understanding of what it means to be a Wayne State Student, including grasping the value of a liberal education and general education along with linking theory to practice by participating as a member of a diverse and inclusive academic community.

  3. WSU in Detroit: will cultivate an understanding of WSU's role in local cultures and history as well as develop an appreciation of how public service can transform individuals and diverse communities.

  4. Academic Support and Study Skills: will promote the understanding of and use of the full spectrum of academic support services to collectively empower students to transform themselves into self-directed learners and powerful problem-solving.

Learning Outcomes

In this broad category, specific learning outcomes may vary from offering to offering, but draw from the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes, as adapted through our general education reform process.

After successful completion of this requirement:

  • Student can identify and connect with appropriate campus personnel and resources.

  • Student understands structure of degree requirements and university structure and difference from high school.

  • Student can identify resources on and off campus for further information regarding developing their own financial literacy

  • Student is developing study skills, time management strategies, how to approach faculty, take notes, prep for exams, and other basic study skills.

  • Student is connecting with resources to develop critical thinking, reading, writing, quantitative, technical, analytic, and other core learning outcomes.

  • Student understands the role and purpose of the General Education Program.

  • Student understands the concepts and standards of academic integrity (cheating, plagiarism, honor codes, etc.)

  • Student has a general understanding of the services and resources of the University Libraries.

  • Student understands the relationship between health and academic performance.

  • Student is building a sense of institutional belonging, responsibility, and commitment.


Courses currently approved for Wayne Experience include: 

BA 1100Warrior Success1
FPC 1020Wayne Experience: Building a Foundation for College Success1
FYS 1010Learning with the Brain in Mind1
HON 1110Passport to Detroit1
KHS 1010Wellness at Wayne1
RSE 1010Building a Foundation for College Success1