Sociology (M.A.)

Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. In addition, new applicants to the sociology program must satisfy the criteria below. Applications are considered for admission to fall term only; all stages and materials in the application process must be completed by January 15. Materials required for admission include:

  1. Graduate Application (demographic and educational profile).
  2. Official transcripts from past universities attended.
  3. Three (3) letters of recommendation (at least two should be from university or college faculty members).
  4. Statement of Interest (this should describe applicants’ reasons for graduate study in Sociology, proposed areas of study, and career goals).
  5. Writing sample.
  6. G.R.E. scores.1
  7. TOEFL scores.2

A grade point average of at least 3.3 in upper division courses, and in sociology courses, is required for admission consideration to the Master’s program.

The Master of Arts degree with a major in Sociology offers two tracks: Plan A (the Master’s thesis track) and Plan B (the Master’s Essay track). Students seeking the Ph.D. degree should select Plan A.  All course work must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.