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Biomedical Imaging (Ph.D. Dual-Title)

The objective of this program is to prepare students who are currently enrolled in any biomedical related Ph.D. program or in an M.D./ Ph.D. program to become strong imaging researchers. With an excellent imaging background, they have the potential to obtain positions in either industry or academia and tackle problems in engineering and science with new insights and new equipment.

Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. students by the end of the first year of their program may submit a written request to the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program Director to add the Biomedical Imaging dual-title program to their plan of study.

Core Courses (16-18 credits): Students should select 16 to 18 credits (5 or 6 courses) from the course list (please see the program director for an updated course list). Note that these courses can be counted as part of the Ph.D. requirements.

Seminar Courses (0-1 credits): Doctoral seminar series related to imaging can be taken by the student and counted toward 1 credit for the dual title program.

Special Laboratory Rotation (2-3 credits): The student will be expected to gain at least one semester's experience in an imaging laboratory, different from their advisor's laboratory, to broaden their imaging experience.

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