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General Engineering (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science in General Engineering program is an interdisciplinary, broadly focused major studying concepts related to several engineering disciplines.

For admission to the B.S. in General Engineering, students must satisfy the admission criteria of the University and the bachelor of science programs in the College of Engineering.

The Bachelor of Science in General Engineering requires the completion of 120-123 credits total credits, depending on the selection of directed electives. The first two years of the B.S. in General Engineering will follow the general education, basic engineering, mathematics, and science curriculum of the College of Engineering. Students can choose a minor in the third year of the program from various engineering programs, business, law, and entrepreneurship.

Students can go deeper within a selected area of specialization together with industry internships in the fourth year of the program in areas such as Data Analytics, Systems Engineering, AI, Mechatronics, etc. 

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