Mechanical Engineering

Office: 2100 W. Engineering Building; 313-577-3843; Fax: 313-577-8789

Chairperson: Nabil G. Chalhoub;
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Jerry C. Ku;
Academic Undergraduate Advisor: Keith L. Wadley;

The opportunities and challenges in the field of mechanical engineering are many and diverse. The broad variety of career possibilities includes research and development, design analysis and synthesis, manufacturing and production engineering, testing, sales engineering, maintenance and administration. The challenge of a mechanical engineer may lie in the perfection of a device that will be duplicated a million-fold or in the control optimization of a single complex system of unique design.  To prepare undergraduate students for these opportunities, the Wayne State University Mechanical Engineering curriculum is designed to give a basic core education in the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, basic applied sciences, engineering fundamentals, and to provide advanced electives in many applied fields.

Fields of departmental expertise include such important areas as biomechanics, energy conversion, combustion engines, emissions controls, structural analysis, automatic controls, robotics, thermodynamics, continuum mechanics, fluid dynamics, vibrations, heat transfer, mechanisms, acoustics and noise control, design, machine tool design, manufacturing, laser diagnostics, and mechanics of composite materials. Research and teaching is carried out in all of these areas.