Engineering Technology Division

Office: 4855 Fourth Street; 313-577-0800
Chairperson: Ece Yaprak

The Division of Engineering Technology was founded in 1973 and offers both undergraduate (upper-division: junior and senior level) and graduate programs. It stresses the application of current technology to typical industrial problems. Entering students in the upper division program are assumed to have a background equivalent to an associate degree in engineering technology or in a related discipline. The program complements a community college education by providing more application-oriented analytical techniques. In the curriculum a close relationship is maintained between the theoretical principles taught in the classroom and their applications in corresponding laboratories.

Engineering technology is a profession closely related to engineering and deals with the application of knowledge and skill to industrial processes, production, and management. Technologists are organizers of people, materials, and equipment for the effective planning, construction and maintenance of technical facilities and operations. They are responsible for work requiring technical and practical knowledge. They can apply their abilities in using technical equipment, selling technical products, serving as manufacturers’ technical representatives, or supervising varied construction projects and manufacturing processes. They work with engineers in many aspects of project development, production planning, and final testing of industrial, military, or consumer products. Their talents are used in virtually every activity where technical expertise is required. They may be involved with electronic and mechanical instruments, experimental equipment, computing devices, tool design, manufacturing, or drafting.

Technical skills in the use of electronic equipment, machinery, tools, and drafting instruments are characteristic of this type of work. Thus, engineering technology students can find challenging employment in business and industry. Graduates of Wayne  State’s Engineering Technology program have been employed in areas such as manufacturing engineering, engineering production, marketing, maintenance, quality control, product testing, field engineering, consulting engineering, design, and technical supervision. Baccalaureate engineering technology graduates are often called technologists to distinguish them from baccalaureate graduates of engineering programs. However, the National Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have a category called ‘technologist,’ and consequently, many industrial job titles show little distinction between technologists and engineers. Graduates of Engineering Technology and Engineering programs complement each other in their skills and interests, and together with technicians and scientists, they form a technological team which has been able to produce an ever-increasing rate of technological advancement.