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Health Economics Minor

The Health Economics minor explores the economic forces impacting the health status of individuals.  These forces include the health care sector consisting of physician and other provider services, hospital and health facilities, pharmaceutical drugs, medical technology and innovation, health insurance, and government programs.  Other economic forces impacting health such as poverty and discrimination are also examined.

A minor in health economics requires the completion of the following coursework. A grade of C or better is required in all courses counted toward the minor.

Math Prerequisite
MAT 1800 or higher, or placement into MAT 2010 in the Mathematics Placement Examination, is required.
Required Economics Courses
ECO 2010Principles of Microeconomics4
ECO 2550U.S. Health Care: Policy and Economics4
ECO 5000Intermediate Microeconomics4
ECO 5100Introductory Statistics and Econometrics4
ECO 5550Economics of Health Care4
or ECO 5560 Pharmaceutical Economics
Total Credits20
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