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Film and Media Studies Minor

The English department offers a minor in Film and Media Studies for students interested in the history and criticism of film and media. Courses are designed to give students knowledge and critical skills in film and media analysis, key concepts in film and media theory, emerging trends in new media scholarship, and an understanding of cultural and historical factors in film and media production and reception.The minor requires five courses. English majors can only apply two of their major courses to this minor.

ENG 2450/COM 2010Introduction to Film4
Select four courses from the following, two of which must be at the 4000-level or above.12-16
Digital Literacies: Writing about Texts
Introduction to Visual Culture: Writing about Texts
Comics and Graphic Novels: Writing about Texts
Television Culture: Writing about Texts
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Topics in Film and Media
Topics in Visual Culture
Allowed from other disciplines:
The African-American Film Experience
African Americans in Television
Contemporary Chinese Pop Culture
French through Film I
French through Film II
Italian through Film
Italian Cinema
Trends and Themes in Films of the Middle East
Russian and East European Film
Polish and Yugoslavian Cinema
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