Academic Catalog

Environmental Science Minor

The Environmental Science minor requires a minimum of 24 credits for completion.  All courses are currently utilized for the Environmental Science major.  Environmental Science majors are not eligible for the Environmental Science minor.

Required Courses18
Introduction to Environmental Science
Geology: The Science of the Earth
Geology: The Science of the Earth Laboratory
Basic Life Diversity
Air and Water in Environmental Systems
Ecology and the Environment
Elective courses (select two from the following)6-8
Geology majors must select at least one BIO course; biological science majors must select at least one GEL course.
General Ecology
Aquatic Ecology
Field Investigations in Biological Sciences
Terrestrial Ecology
Population and Community Ecology
Landscape Ecology
Advanced Special Topics
Geological Site Assessment
Environmental Geochemistry
Soils and Soil Pollution
Hydrology and Water Resources
Environmental Fate and Transport of Pollutants
Applied Geologic Mapping
Earth Resources and the Environment
Total Credits24-26
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