Geochemistry Minor

Geochemistry is a state-of-the-art science that studies the abundance and mobility of elements and compounds and their movement through Earth’s continental crust, atmosphere, oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. The skills acquired through this minor are relevant to students interested in environmental and natural-resource topics associated with archaeological, anthropological, biological, chemical and geological studies.

The Geochemistry Minor requires 23-25 credits, including:

Core Courses16-17
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry I for Engineers
General Chemistry I Laboratory
Organic Chemistry I
Geology: The Science of the Earth
Geology: The Science of the Earth Laboratory
Environmental Geochemistry
Chemistry Elective Course (select one of the following)3-4
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry II for Engineers
General Chemistry II: Analytical Chemistry
Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry I
Geology Elective Course (select one of the following)4
Soils and Soil Pollution
Environmental Fate and Transport of Pollutants
Isotopes: Applications in Geological and Environmental Sciences
Total Credits23-25