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Academic Regulations

For complete information regarding academic rules and regulations of the University, students should consult the Academic Regulations section of this bulletin. The following additions and amendments pertain to the School of Social Work.

Students in the School of Social Work are responsible for informing themselves of all rules, regulations and requirements, complying with all official procedures, and fulfilling all course and degree requirements in proper sequence with satisfactory scholarship. In case of doubt regarding any matter, the student should consult the School’s Academic Services Officer. The primary responsibility rests with the student. All students are required to file a Plan of Work with the School’s Academic Services Officer, and to update the plan periodically. Electives should be selected in consultation with the School’s Academic Services Officer.

The faculty of the School of Social Work has the responsibility to require a student to withdraw at any time prior to receipt of the degree when, in its judgment, the student fails to do satisfactory work. Such decisions may be based on deficiencies in performance in class or field or in personal fitness for the profession. The faculty has adopted a set of criteria and procedures for academic termination.  Copies are available via the School of Social Work's website and also may be obtained in the Dean’s office.

Every effort is made to assist students whose academic work suffers as a result of conditions beyond their control such as personal illness, serious illness in the immediate family, or similar extenuating circumstances.

Attendance and Residency

Students are expected to attend all sessions of courses for which they are registered and to notify the instructors or their secretaries prior to the class session, if possible, when absence is necessary due to illness or similar emergency. Absence from the field practicum must be reported prior to the scheduled time, both to the agency and the faculty field liaison. Consistent absence or tardiness in classes or the field practicum may have an adverse effect on the student’s grade and may result in termination from the B.S.W. program.

A student must complete thirty semester credits in the School of Social Work and must be in residence during the final semester prior to graduation.

Maximum Hours

A student engaged in full-time or part-time study in the School of Social Work should plan a program in consultation with the Academic Services Officer, limiting the Plan of Work to required courses and electives in order to maintain a standard of scholarly attainment and academic excellence.

Application for Degree

Application for the degree must be filed in the University Records Office no later than the Friday of the 4th week of classes for the semester in which the student expects to complete the requirements for the degree. The applicant must be recommended for the degree by the faculty. The applicant is requested and expected to attend the commencement at which the Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) degree is conferred.

Academic Credit and Work/Life Experience

No academic credit for life experience or previous work experience will be awarded in the Bachelor of Social Work or Master of Social Work degree programs, in whole or in part, in lieu of the field practicum or of courses in professional foundation areas.

Student Leave of Absence

A student who is in good standing in the Bachelor of Social Work degree program may request a leave of absence from course and field work in the School for up to one year. In order to be considered in good standing, a B.S.W. student must maintain grades of 'C' or better in classroom courses in the B.S.W. (professional) component of undergraduate study, and must not earn marks below Satisfactory in practicum. Upon return from an approved leave of absence, a student's revised plan of work is based on the time in the academic year when the leave of absence was granted. If a student leaves at or before mid-semester, then she or he will have to repeat course or practicum. Specific information on the procedure for requesting a leave of absence is available in the Office of Admissions and Student Services.  Students may request one leave of absence for up to one academic year during the time they are enrolled in the degree program.  

Withdrawal from Degree Programs

A student who has been admitted to the Bachelor of Social Work degree program or the Master of Social Work degree program shall be considered to have withdrawn if he/she is not enrolled in a course or field work during any semester of an approved planned program of study. In order to withdraw in good standing from any degree program, a student must formalize the withdrawal from the program with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. A copy of the procedure for withdrawal may be obtained from the School of Social Work 's Office of Admissions and Student Services.

Nondiscrimination Policies

The School is bound by and actively endorses the university policy of nondiscrimination respecting all persons regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status or physical or mental disability, and which expressly forbid sexual harassment or discrimination in hiring. The School prohibits discrimination against individuals because of political orientation. Copies of School and University nondiscrimination policies may be obtained in the Office of the Dean.

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