Social Work AGRADE Program

The School of Social Work offers an Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) pathway from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to the MSW program that allows highly motivated undergraduate students to begin graduate study while completing a bachelor's degree, saving both time and money.  Students will be able to begin taking courses from the core year of the MSW program while they are in the senior year of their bachelor's program, and thus, complete the MSW degree in less time. This program will allow students to be ready for a career sooner, with both a bachelor's and master’s degree.

How to Participate in the MSW Pathway: Meet with a School of Social Work academic advisor to determine if the accelerated pathway might be a good fit for you. Student records will be reviewed to determine eligibility and to assist students to declare the pathway, and guide the course of study. Students will continue to work with their CLAS advisor to ensure all undergraduate degree requirements are met.