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Law Minor

The law and social work minor consists of a combination of classes offered through the School of Social Work, along with law classes taught by the Law School faculty.  The emerging intersection of law and social work provides an opportunity for connections between social work practice and broader struggles to advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice. The minor in law and social work will provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to integrate expertise from both the Social Work and Law disciplines examining subjects including the inter-working of major social welfare programs, law as an evolving social institution, the lifecycle of a case in court, and the fundamentals of legal analysis

Practitioners with this minor will gain the knowledge needed to advocate for social justice reform at the micro, mezzo and macro levels in subjects such as criminal justice, policy and community practice, child welfare, aging, health, mental health, and housing. With an emphasis on the relationship between law and social work practice, graduates will develop the skills needed to utilize these interdependent fields including logical and critical thinking skills, oral and written communication, reading comprehension and analysis. Social work students who complete this minor will be well-positioned to enter any number of fields, such as state and local government, education, immigration, human resources, or advocacy. 

The minor in law requires a minimum of 17 credits. To achieve the minor, social work students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and complete the following required courses.

Law courses9
Law in Social Context
Law and Harm
Legal Procedure
Social Work courses8
Social Welfare in the United States: Current Programs
Social Work and the Law
Select one course from the following list:
Social Services for Older Adults
Introduction to Child Welfare
Child Welfare and Social Systems: Context for Case Management Practice
Youth, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice
Introduction to International Social Work
Total Credits17
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