Exercise and Sport Science (B.S.)

The Exercise and Sport Science degree provides students with a scientific-based curriculum for improving human performance and wellness, and is an ideal preparation for successful entry into a variety of graduate professional programs such as nursing, occupational therapy, physician assistant, physical therapy, athletic training, or medical school.  Students develop application skills for sport and fitness activities, assessment and evaluation of various populations and fitness levels, and human movement systems from all of the subdisciplines of kinesiology (e.g., exercise physiology, exercise and physical activity psychology, motor learning and development, biomechanics, and others).  Career options include corporate wellness, exercise physiologist, cardiac rehabilitation, strength and condition coach, and a wide variety of therapeutic exercise and recreation positions.  

Admission Requirements: Undergraduate students entering Wayne State University, either from high school or transferring from other accredited universities or colleges, are admitted directly into the bachelor's degree program.

Admission questions should be directed to the Division of Academic Services, College of Education, 489 Education, phone 313-577-1601.


A student must complete all University General Education requirements, all College and program requirements, and a minimum of 120 credits with a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher to earn a bachelor’s degree in the College of Education.

No grade below a “C” may be used to meet College requirements, electives, courses in the major or courses in a College of Education minor. Note: All students must receive a “C” or higher in Basic and Intermediate Composition if these requirements are completed or transferred in Fall 2008 or thereafter.  

Program Requirements

Exercise and Sport Science Requirements 1,2
Introductory Psychology
Elements of Psychology
Basic Life Mechanisms
Anatomy and Physiology
Conceptual Physics: The Basic Science
Physics for the Life Sciences I
University Physics for Scientists I
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
Survey of General Chemistry
Major Requirements (40 credits) 2
Contemporary Issues in Sport, Exercise, and Health Sciences
Lifespan Growth and Development
Cultural Foundations of Kinesiology
KIN 3000Professional Perspectives in Kinesiology and Exercise Science3
Nutrition and Health Education
Nutrition and Health
Human Disease
Motor Learning and Control
Physical Activity and Exercise Psychology
Sport Psychology
Exercise Physiology I
Methods of Group Training
Strength and Conditioning
Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription
Exercise Science Internship
Elective Requirements (21 credits)
Complete a minimum of 21 semester credits of electives related to the field of Exercise and Sport Science.

Honors Program

Students may pursue Departmental Honors in the Exercise and Sport Science major. A minimum 3.30 cumulative GPA and additional coursework are required. For more information, please discuss with your academic advisor.  

Exercise and Sport Science AGRADE Overview

The Division of Kinesiology, Health, and Sports Studies (KHS) in the College of Education offers degrees that focus on the broad careers of health, wellness, exercise, sport, and human performance. With programs in Athletic Training (AT), Community Health (CH), Exercise and Sport Science (ESS), Health and Physical Education Teaching (HPET), and Sport Administration and Management (SAM), KHS prepares students to excel in a range of health-related professions.  

The Exercise and Sport Science  AGRADE program is available to academically strong students completing B.S. degrees in Community Health; Exercise and Sport Science; Health and Physical Education Teaching; and Sport Management so they can begin a master's degree while simultaneously completing their bachelor's degree. Coursework taken during a student's senior year (up to 16 credits) can simultaneously qualify toward the bachelor's and master's degrees. In this case, after completing any bachelor's degree in this division, students would have also completed a substantial portion of the coursework required for the Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. This allows motivated students the opportunity to complete the requirements for both degrees in an accelerated format.  
Our bachelor's programs typically have between 15-25 elective courses in their plans of work. TThis AGRADE program allows students to utilize graduate courses in Exercise and Sport Science to fulfill these elective requirements. Students, in consultation with their advisor, can select Exercise and Sport Science graduate courses that count toward the student’s bachelor's and master's degrees. The graduate coursework completed while enrolled as an undergraduate is assessed at the undergraduate tuition rate, resulting in significant tuition savings. 

Admission Criteria 

Students may apply for the Exercise and Sport Science AGRADE program no earlier than the semester in which ninety credits are being completed. Applicants must have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.30. After admission, the AGRADE program requires a continuing undergraduate cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.30 and a grade of B or higher in Exercise and Sport Science master's coursework. 

For more details about the Exercise and Sport Science AGRADE program, contact the Division of Academic Services.

Exercise and Sport Science AGRADE Advising

AGRADE advising is provided by the Division of Academic Services College of Education.

Eligible AGRADE Courses and Sequence

The following table outlines the Exercise and Sport Science master's courses that could be included in the undergraduate plan of work. Students may take up to a maximum of 16 credits from the following list. In addition, other courses may qualify as exceptions.

KIN 5100Anatomical and Physiological Bases of Physical Activity3
KIN 5523Physical Activity and Exercise Psychology3
KIN 6100Methods of Group Training3
KIN 6120Strength and Conditioning3
KIN 6300Exercise Physiology I3
KIN 6310Exercise Physiology II3
KIN 7580Biomechanical Analysis of Motor Activity3
KIN 8530Motor Learning3