Yoga and Mindfulness Minor

The Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies in the College of Education offers a minor in Yoga and Mindfulness for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in any discipline. The minor provides an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of yoga and mindfulness philosophy, practice and teaching skills. In addition, the program enhances career prospects across all professions as students learn how to integrate and design yoga and mindfulness activities and programs within their area of study. As restorative practices, yoga and mindfulness enables anyone working in health care, social work, education, exercise, etc. professions to practice self care and better serve the individuals they service in their respective careers. To be eligible to apply for the Yoga and Mindfulness minor, students must have a minimum over­all grade point average of 2.75. For advising regarding the yoga and mindfulness minor, please contact Fawne Allossory in the College of Education Division of Academic Services at or 313-577-1601.