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Urban Education and Equity Studies Minor

The College of Education offers a Minor in Urban Education and Equity Studies for undergraduate students majoring in other disciplines. This minor provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in education, social service and community organizations, in planning, policy, and program development roles, as well as graduate and professional studies centered in urban ecologies.

The Minor in Urban Education and Equity Studies is a minimum of 18 credit hours consisting of at least 8 credits of required courses and 10 credits of elective courses. The 18 credit hours must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0, with no course grade below ‘C’. A grade of ‘C-minus’ or lower is not acceptable.

Required Courses
TED 2200
TED 2205
Foundations I: Foundations of Education in Urban Spaces
and Foundations Field Experience
TED 2210Foundations II: Intersections of Culture, Language, Identity & Schooling2
ELE 6010Equitable Partnerships with Families and Communities3
Elective Courses
A minimum of 10 credits from the College of Education and/or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students may select from any of the courses below. Other relevant electives can be approved by advisors in consultation with the Division of Teacher Education.10
College of Education
Foundations III: Foundations of Inclusive Schooling
Detroit by the Numbers (Gen Ed: QE)
Educational Psychology
Introduction to Asian American Studies (Gen Ed: DEI)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
African American Studies
Black Detroit
Introduction to African-American Literature: Writing about Texts
African American History I: 1400-1865
African American History II: 1865-1968
African American History III: 1968 - Present
African Americans, History and Memory
Queer Literatures: Writing about Texts
Global Literatures: Writing about Texts
Women Writers: Writing about Texts
Introduction to Urban Studies
Introductory Urban Geography
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
Humanities Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality, and Women
History of Women, Gender and Sexuality in the Modern World
Social Science Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality, and Women
Ethnicity and Race in American Life
History of Detroit
Latino/a and Latin American Studies
Chicano/a Literature and Culture
Puerto Rican Literature and Culture
AfroLatino/a History and Culture
History of Latino/as in the United States
Seminar in Latino/a Urban Problems
Political Science
Introduction to Urban Politics and Policy
Race Relations in Metro Detroit
Gendered Worlds
Social Inequality
Race and Racism in America
Total Credits18
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