Academic Catalog

Arabic Minor

A minor in Arabic consists of twenty credits.

Required intermediate language courses8
Intermediate Arabic I
Intermediate Arabic II
Select six credits of advanced language courses6
Advanced Arabic I
Advanced Arabic II
Business Arabic
Spoken Arabic
Conversation and Composition
Media Arabic
Arabic for Healthcare Professions
Select six credits of Linguistics, History, Literature, and Culture courses6
Medieval Arabic Texts
Teaching of Arabic as a Foreign/Second Language (TAFL)
Modern Arabic Literature in Arabic and English
Arabic Sociolinguistics
Structure of Arabic
Quranic Arabic
History of Arabic
Introduction to Islamic Civilization of the Near East
The Age of Islamic Empires: 600-1600
The Modern Middle East
Islamic and Near Eastern Philosophy
Topics in Middle Eastern Studies
Twentieth Century Middle East
Oral History in Middle Eastern Tradition
Arab Society in Transition
History and Development of Islamic Political Thought
Muslim Personal Law
Quran: History and Interpretation
Topics in Middle Eastern Studies
Islam and the Challenge of Modernity
Total Credits20
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