Modern Greek Studies Minor

A Minor in Modern Greek Studies consists of twenty-two credits distributed as follows:

Select four courses in Modern Greek language including the sequence GKM 1010, GKM 1020, GKM 2010, GKYM 202016
Select one course in Modern Greek language or culture at the 3000-level or above3-4
Select one of the following in Classics:3-4
Classical Civilization
Greek Mythology
Introduction to Greek Tragedy
Athens and the Ancient Greek World
Topics on Women in Antiquity
Coins and Coinage of the Greeks and Romans
CLA 3600
The Golden Age of Rome
Further Studies in Mythology
Special Studies
History of Ancient Greece
History of Ancient Rome
Ancient Greek Philosophy
The Presocratics and Sophists
Total Credits22-24

Students who place out of any of the GKM language sequence courses by exam must fulfill the corresponding credits at the 3000 level.

Recommended Cognate Courses: All minors in the Department are strongly urged to take as many courses as possible from the list under Major Requirements, as well as in the literatures of other languages, including English.