Academic Catalog

Modern Greek Studies Minor

A Minor in Modern Greek Studies consists of a minimum of twenty-two credits distributed as follows:

Select four courses in Modern Greek language studies from the following list:16
Elementary Modern Greek I
Elementary Modern Greek II
Intermediate Modern Greek I
Intermediate Modern Greek II
Select one course in Byzantine and Modern Greek studies from the following list:3-4
The World of Early Christianity
Byzantine Civilization
Modern Greek Literature and Culture in English
Greek Identity from Antiquity to Modernity
Topics in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
Directed Study
Directed Study
Select one course from the following list:3-4
Classical Civilization
Greek Mythology
Introduction to Greek Tragedy
Ancient Comedy
Athens and the Ancient Greek World
Survey of Greek Literature
Elementary Ancient Greek I
History of Ancient Greece
History of the Hellenistic Age
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Ancient Greek Medicine and Psychology
The Presocratics and Sophists
Great Political Thinkers I
Introduction to Global Stories
Introduction to Global Issues and Institutions
Global Health
Globalization: Theories, Practices, Implications
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Politics of Western Europe
Total Credits22-24

Students who place out of any of the GKM language sequence courses by exam must fulfill the corresponding credits in GKM at the 3000 level or above.

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