Folklore and Fairy-Tale Studies Minor

The minor in Folklore and Fairy-Tale Studies aims to provide students with an interdisciplinary foundation in the field of folklore and fairy-tale studies. The core courses include the study of 1) Greek mythology; 2) French, German, Italian, and Russian tales; and 3) Anthropology. Together they provide a solid background to understand the history of European, African, Native American, Asian and other world traditions of myth, ritual, folklore, and fairy tale. Students appreciate the different historical, social, political, and cultural contexts in which tale telling and other cultural narratives are produced, and it also introduces them to different genres and medias in which storytelling and cultural practices occur.

A minor in Folklore and Fairy-Tale Studies can be completed with eighteen credits of coursework.

Required courses:12
World Cultures
Greek Mythology
Understanding the Fairy Tale
Understanding the Fairy Tale
Electives *6
Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations
Understanding Africa: Past, Present and Future
Native Americans
Medea in African American Literature
Further Studies in Mythology
Children's Literature: Literature and Writing
Topics in German Studies
Total Credits18