Office: 3054 Faculty Administration Building; 313-577-2935
Chairperson: Andrea Sankar
Graduate Director: Stephen Chrisomalis

Anthropology is a comparative social science that seeks to uncover principles that govern human behavior. Anthropology includes the four fields of cultural, biological, archaeological, and linguistic anthropology. Departmental strengths include applied anthropology, medical anthropology, historical archaeology, museum studies, cultural resource management / public archaeology, business / organizational anthropology, language and cognition, urban anthropology, paleo-diet, foodways, environmental anthropology, land-use studies, global health, and social entrepreneurship.

The Anthropology Department offers five different graduate degree options: Master of Arts (MA), Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (Ph.D), and two joint PhD programs in Social Work & Anthropology (SWAN), Anthropology and Urban Sustainability (T-RUST) and MD-PhD. 

Alumni from Wayne State’s Anthropology graduate programs are readily employed in a wide range of areas. Some work in traditional institutions such as colleges, universities, and museums, but many are employed in public and private settings. These include health, governmental, international, and social agencies, business and organizational settings, public policy, research and development, design, as well as in positions within government, non-profit, and cultural institutions that require environmental management, historic preservation, archaeology, cultural heritage, and museum-based skills. A master's degree in Anthropology can prepare students for advanced study in professions such as medicine or law. Accordingly, graduate programs in Anthropology are designed to accommodate a variety of specific student interests and objectives.

Individuals who hold degrees in fields other than anthropology and desire admission to graduate degree programs will be individually reviewed. Admission will be granted at the discretion of the Graduate Committee after review of the applicant’s background, training, and academic standing; supplementary work may also be individually prescribed.

Academic Scholarship: All course work completed to satisfy the following degree requirements must be done in accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. All students are required to obtain a grade of  ‘B’ in each course that counts toward the degree. A grade of ‘B-minus’ or below in two courses will be sufficient reason to dismiss a student from a graduate program. For the purposes of evaluating this condition, a grade of 'WF' is considered to be a failing grade.

To repeat a course, a student will need to submit a "Petition to Repeat a Graduate Course" form to the Graduate Committee for consideration. Students may not repeat a class without prior approval.

The Department only allows two course repeats for a class where a student receives an insufficient grade.