Criminology and Criminal Justice

Office: 3054 Faculty/Administration Building; 313-577-2705
Chairperson: Shanhe Jiang
Graduate Director: Yuning Wu
Academic Services Officer/Advisor: Marianka Holloway

The Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice is designed to prepare students for positions in criminal justice and related agencies as well as prepare students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice or related fields. Students are provided with a broad educational foundation in criminal justice grounded in law and the social sciences. Study begins with an analysis of crime and the entire justice system. Advanced study inquires into the political, organizational, social, and behavioral aspects of various components of the system of criminal justice. Research courses give students the tools with which to independently analyze issues of crime and justice as well as the requisite skills for career development. Courses are offered in the following core areas: contemporary criminal justice, causes of crime, research methodology and data management analysis, and a specialization of the student's choice.

Students in the Criminal Justice Graduate Program take core classes in Criminal Justice and are eligible to take elective courses in other Liberal Arts and Sciences departments and in departments in other colleges. This allows substantial flexibility in arranging a program of study that meets the student's goals.