Office: 169 Chemistry Building; 313-577-7784
Chairperson: Matthew J. Allen; e-mail:
Associate Chairperson: Jeremy Kodanko
Academic Services Officers: Erin Bachert, Melissa Rochon

General Requirements for Graduate Study in Chemistry

Every student entering the graduate program in chemistry will be required to take a series of entrance (proficiency) examinations covering the major disciplines of chemistry. These examinations, which cover standard undergraduate-level material, will be administered on announced dates in August, January, and May (prior to the start of each term). The examination in each area must be taken every time it is offered until a satisfactory level of proficiency is demonstrated in three of the five major fields.

Demonstration of proficiency in each area may be achieved:

  1. by receiving a grade of ‘pass’ on the proficiency examination; or
  2. by completing a 7000-level course in the area with a grade of ‘B’ or higher.

Full-time graduate students must establish proficiency in three areas within twelve months of commencing graduate study. Part-time graduate students must meet this requirement by the time they have completed twelve hours of graduate credit.

A final oral examination is required of all graduate degree candidates.