Physics and Astronomy

Office: 135 Physics Research Building; 313-577-2721
Chairperson: David Cinabro
Academic Services Officer: J. Scott Payson

Physics is the science that describes the behavior of the physical world. It is the most basic of all sciences and as such is responsible for the interpretation of fundamental physical processes which support many other scientific disciplines.

The degree programs of this department are designed to provide students with the broad-based knowledge and problem-solving skills that are needed in order to be productive physicists in an academic, government, or industrial environment. The programs can accommodate students with varying undergraduate backgrounds and are designed to provide maximum flexibility for individual students. At the doctoral level, specializations are offered in the areas of: elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, atomic physics,materials science, optics, biophysics, and quantum field theory.

Faculty members are committed to excellence in research and teaching, and work in an open and informal atmosphere which allows effective communication between students and advisors. The faculty hold national and international reputations in their areas of specialization. They organize and participate in conferences, publish extensively, and receive numerous outside grants, contracts and fellowships. In addition, they engage in many collaborations with scientists in both foreign and American universities and national laboratories. The department is housed in a modern physics building containing well-equipped research laboratories.